Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Between - 1974 - Dharana


01. Joy... Sadness... Joy (11:10)
02. Om Namo Buddhaya (2:38)
03. Sunset (3:05)
04. Listen To The Light (6:25)
05. Dharana (21:50)
Bonus track:
06. Voice Of Silence (17:32)

- Peter Michael Hamel / keyboards, organ
- Robert Eliscu / oboe, flute
- Roberto Detree / guitar, bass
- Cotch Black / congas
- Charles Campbell / congas

This original german band is a world music's precursor. A blend of Peter Michael Hamel repetitive keyboards melodies, of Robert Eliscu's oboe, Roberto Detree's classical acoustic guitar and the multi-percussive colorations of Cotch Black.

On their third album, the band turns to a more tranquil, luminous style, quite different from the solemn, obscure, esoteric and incantatory music of the previous "And the waters opened" album.

"Dharana" develops here an aerial and mellow world jazz fusion, softer and less inspired than their previous album.

The longest piece "Dharana" is the most accomplished, with its slow progression. The spiritual inspiration is strong throughout the album, "Dharana" is the sixth of the eight steps of Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga and is linked to a stage of self-trance due to inner silence.

Even if "Dharana" can't reach the previous album's intensity, the cleaner sound production contributes to a pleasant aerial feeling and with this album, Between keeps on creating a unique musical universe, a perfect fusion of western and eastern music. And "Dharana" remains more inspired than Peter Michael Hamel's future works.