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Premiata Forneria Marconi - 2002 - Live In Japan

Premiata Forneria Marconi 
Live In Japan

101. Sea Of Memories (6:43)
102. Bandiera Bianca [Franco Battiato cover] (4:02)
103. La Carrozza Di Hans (6:52)
104. Rain Birth (Intro To The River) (1:25)
105. River Of Life (7:23)
106. Photos Of Ghosts (7:41)
107. Peninsula (5:11)
108. Out Of The Roundabout (7:29)
108. La Rivoluzione (4:07)
109. Suonare Suonare (5:50)
110. Promenade The Puzzle (7:20)
111. Tokyo Piano Solo (2:13)
112. Dove ... Quando (Part 2) (1:47)
113. Dove ... Quando (4:20)

201. Il Banchetto (3:05)
202. Dolcissima Maria (4:16)
203. Maestro Della Voce (8:18)
204. Si Pu? Fare (12:08)
205. Mr. 9 Till 5 (5:11)
206. Scary Light (3:00)
207. Tokyo Electric Guitar Jam including Altaloma 5 till 9 (5:23)
208. Tokyo Violin Jam (Part 1) (5:01)
209. Rossini's William Tell Overture (0:57)
210. Tokyo Violin Jam (Part 2) (2:44)
211. Impressioni Di Settembre (5:30)
212. E' Festa (Celebration) (5:46)
213. La Luna Nuova/Four Holes In The Ground (9:49)

Total Time: 143:51
Latest offering from PFM recorded May 12, 2002 in Tokyo Japan. The tracks marked with * appear only on the double CD release (i.e. not included in the same-name DVD).

Line-up / Musicians

- Franz Di Cioccio / drums & vocals
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 strings guitar, fretless guitar & vocals
- Jan Patrick Djivas / bass
- Flavio Premoli / piano, Hammond C3 organ, Fender Rhodes, synthesiser & vocals

Guest musicians:
- Lucio Fabri / violin, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
- Piero Monterisi / drums

When there is a chance to listen a concert from a band long after their glory days have passed is usual and almost normal to feel a bit disappointed because normally it's never the same, but there are exceptions and Premiata Forneria Marconi - Live in Japan 2002 is one of those rare cases in which they sound even better on stage than 20 or 30 years before.

I have to be honest and tell you I don't own the CD yet (I already ordered it by internet and still not received it) but after listening a copy a friend lend me I bought the DVD which has almost the same tracks except Bandiera Bianca (A song by Franco Battiato that didn't impressed me too much) and Sea of Memory, a new track with Peter Hammill at vocals that should have been included in the DVD because it's an excellent way to travel back in time to the 70's.

It's true that an important member like Mauro Pagani isn't any more with the band but he's brilliantly replaced in the violin by Lucio Fabbri who is simply amazing and precise. Of course the production is impeccable and the 5.1 Dolby Surround is a great help.

The highlights are E' Festa (In which they mix the lyrics in Italian and the ones from the English version called Celebration), La Carroza di Hans and of course the violin trilogy Tokyo Violin Jam Part 1 that works as an excellent opener for the second track William Tell Overture and Tokyo Violin Jam part 2, simply delightful.

I heard an older version of this violin trilogy in 10 Anni Live (1971 -1981) Box Set CD 2 1973-1974 L'esperienza Americana; but the one from 2002 is simply 100% better.

Tokyo Electric Guitar Jam is another excellent song which includes a new version or to be honest a completely improvised one of Altaloma 5 Till 9," extraordinaire!!!!

The only song that disappointed me a bit was Dolcissima Maria, which loses a lot of its naive beauty when made more complex like in this album.

It will be a loss of time to talk about each member, because the years haven't passed for them, they are still at their top, something not usual for guys who are more than 30 years in the business.

I sincerely recommend this excellent album to anybody who ever liked true progressive music, and if you can get the DVD also, don't hesitate, it's a unique chance to listen the best music by one of the best Italian Progressive Bands.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 2000 - Serendipity

Premiata Forneria Marconi 

01. La Rivoluzione (3:55)
02. K.N.A. (4:49)
03. L'Immenso Campo Insensato (5:58)
04. Nuvole Nere (4:27)
05. Ore (5:21)
06. Automaticamente (4:26)
07. La Quite che Verrà (4:56)
08. Domo Dozo (3:35)
09. Polvere (5:04)
10. Sono un Dio (4:39)
11. Exit (2:27)

- Franz Di Cioccio / vocals, percussion and vocals
- Franco Mussida / guitars and vocals
- Patrick Djivas / bass and programming
- Flavio Premoli / piano, organ, synths and vocals

- Corrado Rustici / guitar (t. 11)
- Roberto Gualdi / drum
- Solis String Quarteto / strings (t. 1-4)

Serendipity by Premiata Forneria Marconi is quite underrated album on PA! Not only, because of the low average rating, but because of the smaller number of ratings, too. Firstly, I would like to mention, that this album is important moment in Premiata Forneria Marconi's history. Here begins the returning point to progressive rock for the band. Although, not progressive as whole, it interrupts the non-progressive period for the band, that has began twenty years ago and continued for about four-five consecutive albums. The pop rock influence is still significant on this album, but I consider it's big return to form for the band; for me undisputed the best album since 1980's Sounare Sounare and probably since earlier, too!

The songs are interesting and very memorable, which is the strongest dignity about Serendipity. There aren't weak songs here and there are very much strong songs. I considered to count the stronger song, but I shall list here almost all of them. All around the album you can find so much store of energy. And finally this album is appropriate for everyday use. I can listen to it whenever I want too listen to music. It's one of the most listenable albums in my collection and one of the top 3 for 2008, in terms of number of lettings. Serendipity is worth enough to make you go to the store and buy it, especially if you are not orthodoxy progressive fan, but accept some other elements into the music.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1998 - Live ( Il Best

Premiata Forneria Marconi 
Live ( Il Best

101. Andare per andare (6:28)
102. La carrozza di Hans (6:55)
103. Maestro della voce (7:57)
104. Sei (6:26)
105. Intro (5:04)
106. Out of a roundabout (6:37)
107. Mr. 9 till 5 (4:48)
108. Altaloma 5 till 9 / Altaloma '98 (5:55)
109. Intro + Dove... Quando (5:20)
110. Il banchetto (2:52)
111. Dolcissima Maria (3:35)

201. Quartiere 8 (QT8) (7:07)
202. Intro + Il cavallo di legno (6:27)
203. Intro + Ulisse (7:58)
204. Suonare suonare (4:55)
205. La luna nuova / Four holes in the ground (7:50)
206. Si può fare (9:20)
207. E' festa (4:50)
208. Impressioni di Settembre (4:53)
209. Il pescatore (4:45)

- Franz Di Cioccio / drums, vocal
- Jan Patrick Djivas / electric bass, acoustic bass
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 strings guitar, vocal
- Flavio Premoli / piano, Oberheim organ, Korg Trinity, MiniMoog, vocal
- Phil Drummy / sax tenore, sax soprano, flute, bansoori, tinwhistles, didjeridoo, cornamusa, keyboards, drums
- Roberto Gualdi / drums
- Stefano Tavernese / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, mandolino

Recorded live in '98 in Naples and Rome featuring many of the classics from PFM's past. This well recorded 2 CD set is a real beauty with some simply stunning musical moments. Line up includes Franco Mussida (guitars and vocals), Flavio Premoli (organ, piano, oberheim, korg, mini moog), Patrick Djivas (bass) and Franz Di Cioccio (drums). The 4 lads are joined also on stage by a few other musicians who help make this album "beyond bitchin" with emphasis in particular on Phil Drummy (sax, flute, bassoon, tinwhistles) and Stefano Tavernese (electric violin). This essential 2 CD set explores some of my personal fav PFM tracks including "Out Of The Roundabout", "Dove... Quando", "Dolcissima Maria", "Suonare Suonare", "Four holes in the ground" and "Impressioni di Settembre". Overall this 2 Cd set offers some wonderful sound reproduction and excellent mic'ing which sounds great over the ol speakers. Musically these guys still have what it takes with some great musical excursions and instrument interplay. Overall a magical little live album with some real character and full of energy.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1997 - Ulisse

Premiata Forneria Marconi

01. Ieri (1:38)
02. Andare per andare (6:22)
03. Sei (5:58)
04. Il cavallo di legno (4:28)
05. Ulisse (6:02)
06. Uno in più (5:04)
07. Canzone del ritorno (4:30)
08. Il mio nome è nessuno (5:45)
09. Lettera al padre (4:37)
10. Liberi dal bene liberi dal male (4:40)
11. Domani (1:59)

- Franz Di Cioccio / drums, vocal
- Jan Patrick Djivas / bass
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 strings guitar, guitar without keys, vocal
- Flavio Premoli / piano, Hammond C3 organ, Fender Rhodes, synthetizer, vocal

After around 10 years without doing a studio album, PFM was back in 1997 with Ulisse, and was it a good comeback? , not the best, but yes, pretty nice.

Don't expect something like "Storia di un Minuto" or "Per un Amico", there's nothing to compare, this album is completely different to them, I will start saying that of course this is not the best PFM`s album, but not the worst, so if you believe that this is a bad album because of the ratings, you better make an effort to obtain it, and then make your comments and opinions.

After several years without doing an album , we can expect two things, a powerful return, or simply an "average" return, it is so difficult to find a powerful return in any band, so don't be cruel with this, its good. Musically talking, the album is pretty nice, it has the peculiar sound of Italian bands, it is not so dark, I mean, I fell the songs here are happier, "Il Cavallo di Legno" is a clear example, in this album we can find great vocals, nice keyboards and a great guitar sound, piano in several songs, great passages, I think this album is nice, and entertaining, a bit repetitive, but at least in my opinion it is not boring at all, I repeat, there's nothing to compare to the early albums, which of course are better, maybe this is a "lighter" PFM, for example the self titled song, is something like a cute song , with a very emotional vocals and a powerful synth making the atmosphere more exciting, but at the same time, it is not as exciting as the early albums, which make us feel very pleased with the music, that's why im saying this is lighter ( I admit, it has some pop songs, but it is not so bad in this case). Another point is that Mauro Pagani isn't here, and no one instead him, so one important thing is that violins are not in this album.

Pay attention to "Canzone del Ritorno" and "Liberi dal Benne, Liberi dal Male", both are very nice songs, my favorite ones. The first and the last song are short songs, in the same style, a couple of nice songs too. I think any italian prog fan should have this album, or at least should listen to it.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1996 - 10 Anni Live 1971-1981

Premiata Forneria Marconi 
10 Anni Live 1971-1981

1971-1972 L'inizio tour italiano
101. 21th century schizoid man (4:39)
102. My God (6:24)
103. Picture of the city (4:39)
104. Bollate guitar jam (5:43)
105. Bollate keyboard jam (7:20)
106. Bouree (3:17)
107. Bouree jam (3:59)
108. La carrozza di Hans (9:26)
109. Dove...quando... (4:23)

1973-1974 L'esperienza americana "the world became the world" tour
201. Four holes in the ground (7:26)
202. Is my face on straight (8:41)
203. Cleveland keyboard jam (5:39)
204. Mr. 9 till 5 (5:35)
205. Alta Loma 5 till 9 (11:09)
206. JC violin jam (2:49)
207. Classic violin solo (3:38)
208. William Tell overture (2:08)
209. La carrozza di Hans (6:12)
210. Central Park drum solo (8:37)
211. Impressioni di Settembre (1:01)
212. Poseidon (1:54)

1975-1976 In giro per il mondo "chocolate kings" tour
301. Four holes in the ground (6:40)
302. Spanish jam (7:55)
303. Pascolo siderale jam (4:41)
304. Mediterranea jam (4:50)
305. Acustic guitar solo (3:00)
306. Paper charms (9:30)
307. La grande fuga (7:09)
308. Chocolate kings (5:01)
309. WB violin jam (5:02)
310. Violin classic solo (2:33)
311. William Tell overture (2:17)
312. Celebration (6:59)
313. Drum solo (4:51)
314. Impressioni di Settembre (0:53)
315. Poseidon (2:07)

1977-1978 Contaminazioni "jet lag" tour, "passpartù" tour
1980-1981 Verso un nuovo rock "performance" tour
401. Out of the roundabout (8:21)
402. Left-handed theory (4:26)
403. Dove...quando... (4:59)
404. Jet lag (10:36)
405. Greek reflection (2:29)
406. Traveller (5:46)
407. Violin suite (4:03)
408. Violin dance (1:41)
409. Violin west dance (1:09)
410. Celebration (5:03)
411. Passpartù (7:56)
412. Suonare suonare (4:28)
413. Maestro della voce (7:17)
414. Chi ha paura della notte ? (6:42)

CD 1:
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums & vocals
- Franco Mussida / acoustic guitar, electric guitar & vocals
- Mauro Pagani / flute, violin & vocals
- Giorgio Piazza / bass & vocals
- Flavio Premoli / Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron, Mini Moog & vocals

CD 2:
- Jan Patrick Djivas / bass
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums & vocals
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals
- Mauro Pagani / flute, violin & vocals
- Flavio Premoli / Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron, Moog & vocals

CD 3:
- Jan Patrick Djivas / bass
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums & vocals
- Bernardo Lanzetti / rhythmic guitar & vocals
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals
- Mauro Pagani / flute, violin & vocals
- Flavio Premoli / Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron, Moog & vocals

CD 4:
- Gregory Bloch / violin
- Jan Patrick Djivas / fretless bass
- Franz Di Cioccio / drums & vocals
- Bernardo Lanzetti / rhythmic guitar & vocals
- Franco Mussida / electric guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals
- Flavio Premoli / electric piano, "Pari" organ, micro Moog & vocals
- Roberto Colombo / keyboards
- Roberto Haliffi / percussion
- Lucio Fabri / violin & keyboards
- Walter Calloni drums

Great box including the best period of PFM. Terrific covers of King Crimson and Jethro Tull in the CD#1, showing what an influence these bands were for PFM, but unfortunately the sound quality is poor. The other 3 cds have better but far from stunning sound quality. There are some songs with 2 versions, but contrary to other reviewer I enjoyed the subtle differences and the long jams. Excellent live performances of all musicians. Almost all material is good, except the last song in cd#4 (Chi ha paura della notte), an uninspired and excessively poppy mainstream song, completely distinct from the other 50 tracks! I appreciated the "fusion" material from JET LAG and PASSPARTU albums (CD#4), which I never had heard of, clearly influenced by the outstanding Weather Report. Despite the abusive price and other minor points, it is surely a must for true fans of European prog and particularly PFM

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1987 - Miss Baker

Premiata Forneria Marconi
Miss Baker

01. Prima che venga la sera (4:15)
02. Un amore vero (5:30)
03. Finta lettera di addio di una rock star per farsi propaganda (6:21)
04. Josephin Baker (6:48)
05. Tempo tempo (4:56)
06. La chanson d'un aviateur (4:09)
07. Colazione a Disneyland (4:12)

- Franz Di Cioccio / drums, vocals
- Franco Mussida / electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
- Jan Patrick Djivas / bass

- Lucio Fabbri / keyboards, violin
- Walter Calloni / drums

It is guessed that "Suonare Suonare" announced in 1980 was music of the quality after the revolution of their music characters is splendidly expressed. Works of men who announced in the 80's might be taken the element of POP well and succeed in conversion. However, the 80 year might have been an age of the misfortune for Prog Rock.

As for the flow and the fashion in the age, the revolution and groping for directionality were surely done through necessity for various bands. The introduction of electronic musical instruments has happened frequently in the 80's and in a human performance, having been said until unnecessary is also true. Music also doesn't limit to Prog Rock and have a lot of opinions on which it is made remarks that the band that gradually changes the music character and survives doesn't want also to admit according to the work.

Neither the age nor the idea give a too good impression for the listener though PFM created the work attempting the conversion of some direction. It was reflected in sales of the album to say nothing of it. I do not understand whether it is music that they should do though the level of the performance is certainly high if the career of their music is considered. It did not limit it to PFM to say nothing of it. It might have been a road that a lot of bands had passed.

"PFM?PFM" that had been announced in 1982 might have been a content not to be able to satisfy with all the tune, loose compositions of the idea. The impression that has completely changed into another band is given if it thinks about the history of their music. This holding the attention of disappointment for the fan that knew their histories with a natural part as a flow to some degree and at that time resulted.

The guess flew between fans when the band had dissolved the announcement of the work was not having of them after 1982 the interim. However, they announced this album after an interval of five years.

Music that reflects the times exactly is being carried out by this album produced in the member who adds the drum and Vittorio Cosma of the keyboard and Walter Calloni of Lucio Fabbri in addition to the member of the main of Franz Di Cioccio, Franco Mussida, and Patrick Djivas. And, it is guessed to the guest that the fact that Mauro Pagani partially participates in the composition and production also had some groping when they produce this album and the restructuring of the idea.

It exists as ..this album.. position when thinking about the history of Music of PFM very slight. It offers in the album and if the construction of existing theme and quality is considered, it offers it to the listener in good shape of existence as Music. It cannot know whether it is certainly music that they should do. This album can be very caught as Music of fine quality one Music however if it considers it as one work. A lot of ideas and melodies made only PFM are blocked though music like AOR is progressed overall. It can know the composition of the theme and the tune that they took to the album very if it catches purely as music. And, profound feelings might be able to be found to the tune at the same time.

Making the sound in which Genesis in the 80's is recalled carries us to the world of the relaxation with the theme that is overall consistent and exists in the album.

"Prima Che Venga La Sera" to which the section of the wind instrument is boldly taken attracts the listener with the element and the dash feeling of POP.

"Un Amore Vero" ..tune of POP/AOR of giving the relaxation and the quality.. has finished. The idea of Violin of Pagani is suitable for the tune well and gives a moving impression. Woman's chorus has succeeded partially indispensable for the tune, too.

"Finta Letteria D'addio Di Una Rockstar Per Farsi Propaganda" is a tune that reflects the times with the element of POP. The tune changes the rhythm without ending like ..POP.. element and it shifts to a moving flow with Solo of Violin. It is guessed that the idea of Pagani is blocked in this tune.

"Josephine Baker" that is the theme of this album challenges progressing the tune along the theme with a nostalgic flow. This tune that makes the woman of real existence a theme has the flow that may be expressed by their performances.

"Tempo Tempo" advances with the element of bright POP. The idea that doesn't end simply talks about their creations at that time. The atmosphere of the whole volume never disturbs the flow of the tune. An ad-lib ..Jazzy.. piano might succeed, too.

It is likely to be thought about the atmosphere of "La Chanson D'un Aviateur" as a usual power ballade. However, it is guessed that a part on the way of chorus's flow and tune was kneaded valuing the composition.

If the listener looks for the one's favorite song with this album, it might be "Colazione A Disneyland". An overwhelming technology to perform and the composition of the tune will touch the listener. It might be one of Highlight of this album. The composition of the performance and the tune where the guitar flows is a suitable tunes for the decoration of the end of the album.

"Miss Baker" might be too much one of the albums that do not lift in the topic momentarily at the time of thought about the history of their music. It is likely to be able to catch as Music one fine quality if it thinks as Music in this age however.

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1984 - PFM? PFM!

Premiata Forneria Marconi

01. Capitani coraggiosi (5:07)
02. Sentimentalmente (4:10)
03. Marlon Brando (3:50)
04. Attimo di musica (3:50)
05. Tigre (4:36)
06. ''46'' (4:12)
07. Ego-telecomunicazione (4:23)
08. Bi Bi Bop (3:58)

- Franz Di Cioccio / vocals
- Patrick Zivas / bass, keyboards, programming
- Lucio Fabbri / keyboards, violin
- Franco Mussida / electric & acoustic guitar
- Walter Calloni / drums

This album, in my opinion, is heavily underrated. The reasons are very simple: it doesn't sound like orthodox "PFM", it's not meant as a serious work (the title itself suggest that, and seeing people complaining about it instead of enjoying the trick is really funny), and - finally - most of the lyrics not only don't make any sense at all but seem to have been written with the exact purpose of annoying the listener.

So what? The music IS of outstanding quality AND well played - PFm doesn't betray on that - and as a result I happen to like this album quite a lot. The first time I heard "Pfm? Pfm!" I was puzzled. They clearly had chosen to get a "bad-taste-80s- sound" on the first track. From the second track onwards, the sound keeps the same, but the overall atmosphere changes a lot. Actually, with the exception of that first track, which has been a commercial hit for a very short time, the rest of the songs are very good. The sound is sparkling and plastic, and as such it seems to point to a reassuring effect. But the song structure and the lyrics deny that. The development of choruses, illuminating acoustic guitars solos by Mussida (hear "Sentimentalmente") and the choice of words which refuse to go anywhere conjure up to a sense of frustration- in-a-friendly-environment which is just great.

It's no point arguing how much of this was on purpose. The final effect is fascinating, and every accusation of "loosing roots" on this album is just silly.

Premiata Forneria Marconi & Fabrizio de Andre - 1982 - In concerto

Premiata Forneria Marconi & Fabrizio de Andre
In concerto

101. Bocca Di Rossa
102. Andrea
103. Giugno '73
104. Un Giudice
105. La Guerra Di Piero
106. Il Pescatore
107. Zirichitaggia
108. La Canzone Di Marinella
109. Volta La Carta
110. Amico Fragile

201. Avventura A Durango
202. Presentazione
203. Sally
204. Verranno A Chiederti Del Nostro Amore
205. Rimini
206. Via Del Campo
207. Maria Nella Bottega Del Falegname
208. Il Testamento Di Tito
209. Contestazione Roma Palaeur
210. Contestazione Roma Palaeur
211. Contestazione Roma Palaeur
212. Contestazione Roma palaeur

Fabrizio De André
vocals, acoustic guitar, producer
Franz Di Cioccio
drums, percussion, marimba, crotales
Patrick Djivas
Franco Mussida
electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, backing vocals, mixing
Lucio "Violino" Fabbri
violin, percussion
Flavio Premoli
keyboard, synthesizer, 12-string electric guitar, accordion, backing vocals
Roberto Colombo
keyboards, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Live at Tenda Theater of Florence and at Palasport of Bologna on 13-14-15-16 january 1979 with Manor Mobile Recording Studio of Virgin Records, London.

PFM's arrangements aren't bad, but De André's original versions are often better.