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Fred Taylor - 1982 - Court Of Circe

Fred Taylor
Court Of Circe 

01. Flutterby's Waltz
02. Rio Skyline
03. Elegy - To The Memory Of Dayle Bates
04. Court Of Circe: A. Odyssey
05. Court Of Circe: B. Circe
06. Snowy Blues
07. A Lifetime Or Two

Notice the beauty of the geometric cover drawing (by one Barbara Kuhne) which suggests the mathematics of perspective, a fascinating topic in its own right.

All the compositions are by Fred Taylor, who is actually a percussionist.  No other credits for him on this database, which is sad.  He must have done much more and someone is probably liable to correct me here.

For me the standout is the Elegy subtitled To the Memory of Dayle Bates, composed by Craig Lawrence and Ron Madden

Fred Taylor is a native of Spokane, Wash.  His first musical interests were the piano compositions of Bartok and the jazz of Brubeck. [Ed. - no surprise here!]  These influences led to several years of classical piano training, until his sudden discovery of percussion at age 11.  In addition to a thorough study of perc., theory, and arranging in high school and college, Fred gained an extensive profess. backgrnd in symph. music, jazz improv., and all forms of popular music, his varied experiences include Country Western with Ferlin Husky and Jerry Hegarty, R and B, Soul and Rock with the Ink Spots, Tickled pink, and the Shakers, variety shows with Pete Barbutti, Tony Visco and Dick Fisher, and jazz with the Cozzetti-Gemmill Quartet [recommended as well! -Ed.], jazzdance and his own innovative groups, incl. Sanctuary.  Fred is currently freelancing and doing studio work in the Seattle area, where he lives with his wife Kathy and two cats Muthoo and Chicken.

Wigwam - 2005 - Some Several Moons

Some Several Moons

01. (Intro) (0:12)
02. Chord Squad (4:52)
03. Sandpainting (4:04)
04. Bow Lane (5:42)
05. Kabul Grill (6:03)
06. Cloudy Dream (9:33)
07. Deep Pop (Before The Only One Comes) (6:07)
08. Squaw Valley Non-Event (9:22)
09. Tokyo Joe (One Roll From Paradise) (5:45)
10. Banging On The Ceiling (3:54)
11. Cacobe Bar Two-Step (5:06)

- Jim Pembroke / vocals, piano, backing vocals
- Pekka Rechardt / guitars
- Esa Kotilainen / keyboards
- Jari Kettunen / drums and percussion
- Mats Huldén / bass, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
- Michael Monroe / harmonica, tenor saxophone
- Olli Kari / marimba
- Ari Pitkänen / tuba

Wigwam - 2002 - Titans Wheel

Titans Wheel

01. Remains To Be Seen (5:45)
02. Subterranean Sunrise (4:03)
03. Titans Wheel (5:45)
04. Drive On Driver (4:47)
05. Bitesize (6:14)
06. Greatfield (5:40)
07. Win Your Love (3:42)
08. Drinks On The House (5:57)
09. Good Mornington Street (4:00)
10. The Lost Lizard King (Ababacab) (4:05)
11. To The Other Side (5:10)
12. Heaven In A Modern World (5:01)
13. That's The Way (Someone Chanted Evening) (4:53)

- Jim Pembroke / vocals, piano
- Pekka "Rekku" Rechardt / guitars, sitar
- Måns "Måsse" Groundstroem / bass, backing vocals
- Esa Kotilainen / keyboards, accordions & additional recordings
- Jari Kettunen / drums, percussions
+ Pave Maijanen & Hannu Leiden / backing vocals
- Mongo Aaltonen / percussions (9 & 12)

Wigwam - 2000 - Fresh garbage Rarities 1969-1977

Fresh garbage Rarities 1969-1977

101. Must be the devil (4:25)
102. Greasy kids' stuff (2:58)
103. Luulosairas (4:07)
104. Pedagogi (3:28)
105. Häätö (4:08)
106. Chest fever (5:52)
107. Fresh garbage (5:36)
108. King Harvest (has surely come) (2:57)
109. Losing hold (6:36)
110. Nothing shows (2:51)
111. Captain supernatural (3:49)
112. Imagine (3:42)
113. Nipistys (8:06)
114. Marvelry skimmer (friend from the fields (3:35)
115. Fairyport (13:46)

201. Do the Pigworm (9:30)
202. Just my situation / Sweet Marie (9:17)
203. A better hold (and a little view) (3:52)
204. Never turn you in (6:46)
205. No new games (6:39)
206. Tramdriver (3:48)
207. Wardance (3:42)
208. No new games / Grass for blades (18:15)
209. In and out (8:00)
210. Looking for the Eddie and the boys (Jam session) (7:54)

- Otto Donner / voice (A5)
- Måns Groundstroem / bass (B3 to 10)
- Jukka Gustavson / keyboards, vocals (A3 to 15/B1-2-8-9)
- Heikki Hietanen / keyboards (B3 to 7)
- Mats Huldén / bass (A1 to 7)
- Esa Kotilainen / keyboards (B8-9-10)
- Vladimir Nikamo / guitar (A1 to 7)
- Ronnie Österberg / drums (all)
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, keyboards (A1-2-5 to 15/All B)
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violin (A4-5-8 to 15/B1-2)
- Pekka Rechardt / guitar (B1 to 7,10)
- Heikki Silvennoinen / guitar (B9)

Track 1-1: Single LRS 1021A, recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki March 1969.
Track 1-2: Single LRS 1021B, recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki March 1969.
Track 1-3: Single LRS 1028A, recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki October 1969.
Track 1-4: Single LRS 1047A, recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki March 1970.
Track 1-5: Single LRS 1047B, recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki March 1970.
Tracks 1-6, 1-7: Recorded live by YLE at Kulttuuritali, Helsinki, 27.2.1970.
Tracks 1-8 to 1-11: Recorded live by YLE at N-Club (Natsa), Helsinki, for "Poppop", 10.2.1971.
Tracks 1-12 to 1-15: Recorded live by YLE at the Liisankadun studio, Helsinki, for "Pop-Studio", 7.11.1973.
Tracks 2-1, 2-2: Recorded live at N-Club (Natsa), Helsinki, 3.6.1974.
Tracks 2-3 to 2-5: Recorded live by YLE at the Töölönrannan kesäteatteri, Helsinki, 18.6.1975.
Track 2-6: Single LRS 2100A, recorded November 1975.
Track 2-7: Single LRS 2100B, recorded November 1975.
Track 2-8: Recorded live at the Ylioppilastalo, Tampere, 23.11.1977.
Track 2-9: Recorded live at the Ylioppilastalo, Tampere, 24.11.1977.
Track 2-10: Recorded live at Bullerbyn, Stockholm, 14.12.1977.

This is an album with 7 single tracks and lot of fantastic live through years,
it starts with the first single from March 1969 and ends up with on jam from the last tour
recorded in Stockholm in December 1977, so here you got a double with lot of marvelous music,
and on this album you got all the line-ups in a chronical order, so all you have to do is to
enjoy these tracks, because is lot of goodies in this album, it has a nearly 14 minutes live
version of the mavelous track Fairyport and 18 minutes of No New Games/Grass For Blades,
because a great song always gonna be better if it's expanded a little, and you got the second
and third single with Finnish vocal, and is a treasure to listen to these rare singles,
but by now I bet that you know what Wigwan is all about.

Wigwam - 1993 - Light Ages

Light Ages

01. Borders to be crossed
02. Talking brought me here
03. Hard top Lincoln
04. Absalom
05. The next breakfast
06. No new games
07. False alarm
08. Crystal ball
09. Skyscraper
10. Tombstone Valentine
11. Planetstar
12. Pleasure street
13. Friend from the fields

- Måns Groundstroem / bass
- Jan Noponen / drums
- Mikko Rintanen / organ, keyboards
- Pekka Rechardt / electric guitar
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, piano
+ Heikki Keskinen / saxophone
- Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola / violin
- Maarit Hurmerinta / backing vocals
- Heikki "Pedro" Hietanen / accordion
- Stiina Tarvonen / backing vocals
- T T Oksala / F#

Whether intentional or not, the title of the album is actually a very good indicator of what to expect. Back after 16 years, Light Ages essentially sees Wigwam continuing on the same path they left off many years ago. Obviously, Ronnie Österberg isn't here anymore, which is a shame, and Mikko Rintanen had replaced Hessu Hietanen on keyboards, but apart from that, there are not many changes to their overall sound. Sure, the album is quite possibly the "lightest" Wigwam album in many ways, the whole band seems relaxed, and full of "spirit", so to speak. The album has four old Wigwam songs with new versions, and nine totally new tracks. While I thoroughly enjoyed the new versions (especially Tombstone Valentine), I still think those were more or less pointless. I would've preferred to hear completely new material, but I guess we don't live in an ideal world, eh? Some of the new compositions have a slight AOR-ish twist to them (not exactly my cup of tea), but for the most part, this is good old Wigwam playing their very own "deep pop". Mikko Rintanen on keyboards fits the band nicely, and offers some very tasty keyboard solos during the album. Rekku Rechardt - well, no need to mention him at all, he's always superb! Absalom is a downright Wigwam classic nowadays - and for good reason. A couple of the tracks sound a tad uninspired, namely False Alarm and possibly Pleasure Street, but that's just a minor complaint. Overall, Light Ages is surely a good album. While it doesn't reach the level of their masterpieces, it's still a very worthy effort, and brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it. That's all what matters, right?

Wigwam - 1977 - Dark Album

Dark Album

01. Oh, Marlene! (4:50)
02. Cheap evening return (5:30)
03. The item is the totem (4:50)
04. The silver jubilee (3:05)
05. Horace's aborted rip-off scheme (4:06)
06. The big farewell (6:24)
07. The vegetable rumble (4:58)
08. Helsinki nights (3:57)

Bonus tracks on cd release:
09. Grass for blades
10. Dæmon Ducetan's request (a.k.a. turn stone to bread)

- Måns Groundstroem / bass
- Ronnie Östergerg / drums
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, piano
- Pekka Rechardt / guitar
+ Jukka Gustavson / organ (1-4)
- Hessu Hietanen / keyboards (2-5-6-7)
- Timo Kojo / backing vocals (1)
- Paavo Maijanen / backing vocals (1-2-4-8)

 Ah, The Dark Album. First of all, it should be said that hardcore proggers are wasting their time here. Wigwam's prog days were over by now (NN and TLGSAS were still prog-pop, though). But, as I've said before, to me good music is good music, so I'm not going to dismiss an album just because someone might think it's not prog enough. This is almost solely on the pop ("deep pop") side of things, but there's no denying Wigwam's gifts in creating extremely well-written pop music. Clearly a more balanced record than TLGSAS, Dark Album actually has very little flaws. Helsinki Nights goes into the same territory as International Disaster from their previous effort, a harmless, but still quite catchy tune. Slightly changing their direction here, the mood of the album is surprisingly dark (hence the name, probably), especially on tracks like The Item Is The Totem (one of the highlights here). I do not agree with Hugues about the description of the music, I do not hear any country influences here. Of course, Pembroke's writing style was always somewhat folk and country oriented (just listen to his solo album Flat Broke), but on here it's just one of the ingredients in a well-mixed soup. All in all, Dark Album is one of my dearest Wigwam albums, and they truly proved that they don't necessarily need Pohjola and Gustavson to make things work. Unfortunately, the band disbanded after making this album, and we would have to wait 16 years to hear something new from them.

Wigwam - 1976 - The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose

The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose

01. Sane again (2:37)
02. International disaster (2:41)
03. Timedance (1:07)
04. Colossus (6:43)
05. Eddie and the boys (4:03)
06. Lucky golden stripes and starpose (6:34)
07. June maybe too late (3:35)
08. Never turn you in (5:06)
09. In a nutshell (3:45)

- Mosse Groundstroem / bass
- Hessu Hietanen / keyboards
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, percussion
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, piano
- Pekka Rechardt / guitar
+ Paavo Maijanen / backing vocals

They probably had a great deal of pressure on their hands, and unfortunately that does tend to show when listening to LGSAS. They pretty much continued on the same path, although the soundscapes were a bit more depressive than before. Pembroke continued on his satirical style, creating catchy but thoughtful and well-crafted pop songs. Nevertheless, while tracks like International Disaster and In a Nutshell (nice lyrics, though!) are quite catchy and harmless, as Pembroke compositions they were rather mediocre, to be honest. On the other hand, the dark and mystical Colossus (if this isn't prog then what is?), the incredible title track (what a riff!), and the ideal pop tune Eddie And The Boys are among Wigwam's best work. So, while the album does have its flaws, you shouldn't dismiss this as some "mediocrity". Even though my rating may sound a bit harsh, I love this album to bits, and TLGSAS is certainly worthy of your attention, but do not start here.

Wigwam - 1975 - Nuclear Nightclub

Nuclear Nightclub

01. Nuclear nightclub (2:45)
02. Freddie are you ready (5:36)
03. Bless your lucky stars (5:58)
04. Kite (4:15)
05. Do or die (5:03)
06. Simple human kindness (4:02)
07. Save my money and my name (4:07)
08. Pig storm (4:39)

- Mans Groundstroem / bass
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, marimba
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, acoustic & electric piano
- Pekka Rechardt / guitar
+ Esa Kotilainen / keyboards
- Paavo Maijanen / backing vocals

This album introduced the post-Jukka Gustavson line-up of this band, and this record is hailed by many fans as their best. It was warmly welcomed by listeners and critics, and I admit that it has it strengths: Jim Pembroke's professional songwriting talents and skillful musicians. As the record was also greeted warmly in England, this made a special impression to the Finnish fans, as our people are often troubled how our nation is represented abroad. What maybe little troubles me here is the feeling of unbearable lightness of being lingering over the album. I maybe personal seek more stronger emotions and more freer expression from art music. And when compared to the older material of this band, this isn't as artistic material as that was, but this is more calculated and organized music. Most memorable tunes here are the hit song "Freddie are you ready" and "Pig storm", which they played already on the "Live Music from The Twilwight Zone" album recorded at 1974. If you like classic pop rock, give this album a spin.

Wigwam - 1975 - Live Music From The Twilight Zone

Live Music From The Twilight Zone

101. The moon struck one (17:20)
102. Let it be (7:49)
103. Groundswell (6:35)
104. Pig storm (2:54)

201. Nipistys (8:38)
202. Imagine (3:32)
203. Help me / Checkin' up on my baby (7:27)
204. Grass for blades (15:38)

- Jukka Gustavson / organ
- Ronnie Österberg / drums
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, electric piano
- Pekka Pohjola / bass
- Pekka Rechardt / guitar

Recorded only a few month before the known departure of Gustavson and Pohjol, "Live Music From The Twilight Zone" captures WIGWAM at their creative height. Originally released as a double vinyl album, this is some pretty amazing music recorded over 3 nights and according to documentation was the last live show for WIGWAM with their mark One progressive line-up. Members included Ronnie Österberg (drums), Jukka Gustavson (vocals, organ), Jim Pembroke (vocals, electric piano), Pekka Pohjola (bass), Pekka Rechardt (guitar). WIGWAM were known for delivering some pretty crafty live shows often not really playing a lot of their studio tracks but instead improvising and building on themes of other songs... someone once suggested WIGWAM were the GRATEFUL DEAD of Progressive rock !

Fitting true to this state, WIGWAM open up side one with a shattering and explosive 17 mins cover version of "The Band's" "The Moon Struck One" which originally appeared on The Band's 1971 Cahoots album as a 4 mins song!. The Beatles are borrowed for "Let It Be" and "Imagine" which are very tastefully re-done with heavy organ grinds and guitar soloing. Again a lot of live energy is put into these tracks and I love the heavy deep organ welts that kind of make your speakers resonate and vibrate. What is amazing on this live concert is that only 1 track is from any of their previous studio albums ("Pig Storm" from Nuclear Nightclub). Lots of improvisation here and these guys get into some pretty heavy and tripped out grooves... without a question WIGWAM were something pretty special and one of my fav's from the Euro 70's prog era.

Wigwam - 1974 - Being


01. Proletarian (2:10)
02. Inspired Machine (1:25)
03. Petty-Bourgeois (2:58)
04. Pride Of The Biosphere (3:15)
05. Pedagogue (9:11)
06. Crisader (4:47)
07. Planetist (3:08)
08. Maestro Mercy (2:32)
09. Prophet (6:11)
10. Marvelry Skimmer (2:32)

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, pianos, organs, Mini-Moog & VCS-3 synths
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, sermon, piano
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violin, piano, Mini-Moog
+ Juhani Aaltonen / solo flute
- Erik Danholm / flute
- Unto Haapa-aho / bass clarinet
- Paavo Honkanen / clarinet
- Pentti Lahti / flute
- Pentti Lasanen / clarinet, flute
- Erkki Kurenniemi / VCS-3 assistance
- Aale Lingren / oboe
- Seppo Paakkunainen / flute
- Pekka Pöyry / soprano sax, flute
- Jukka Ruohomäki / VCS-3 assistance
- Juhani Tapaninen / bassoon
- Ilmari Varila / oboe
- Kai Veisterä / flute
- Taisto Wesslin / acoustic guitar

"Being" was WIGWAM's 4th album and represents one of the most profound and highly dramatized concept albums mixing religious and political themes in a very strange little album. The trademark of WIGWAM's music was their unique ability to compose music of high progressive quality and complexity while still incorporating strong "pop-rock" aspects. The end result is a wild mix of Steve HACKETT with the complex chording and musical themes not unlike GENTLE GIANT achieved (some pretty musically twisted parts). This album features great and varied instrumentation with great emphasis on keyboards (piano, organ, synths). Essentially"'Being" picks right off where "Fairyport" left off but does deliver a more aggressive and complex album. The Love Records Re-mastered version is quite excellent sounding really and brings this masterpiece album to life with awesome speaker separation and crisp sounds. A magical album that I recognize may take others a few listens to get into but once you have the taste watch out kids !.

Wigwam - 1971 - Fairyport


01. Losing Hold (7:06)
02. Lost Without A Trace (2:29)
03. Fairyport (6:53)
04. Gray Traitors (2:48)
05. Caffkaff, The Country Psychologist (5:22)
06. May Your Will Be Done Dear Lord (5:28)
07. How To Make It Big In Hospital (3:01)
08. Hot Mice (3:19)
09. P.K:S Supermarket (2:20)
10. One More Try (3:26)
11. Rockin' Ol' Galway (2:27)
12. Every Fold (3:07)
13. Rave-Up For The Roadies (17:20)

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, acoustic & electric pianos, organ
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, congas, percussion, backing vocals
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, harmonica, piano (2-12)
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violins, backing vocals (3), acoustic guitar (8), keyboards (8-9)
+ Unto Haapa-aho / bass clarinet
- Eero Koivistoinen / soprano saxophone
- Tapio Louhensalo / bassoon
- Risto Pensola / clarinet
- Pekka Pöyry / soprano saxophone
- Hannu Sexelin / clarinet
- Jukka Tolonen / guitar (2-7-13)
- Ilmari Varila / oboe

 "Fairyport" was the 3rd album released by Finlands WIGWAM which also featured the introduction of another cast member with the entrance of the outstandingly talented composer/musician/bassist Pekka Pohjola. The end result was WIGWAM's first real stab at pure progressive rock and INMO is one of my more favoured albums of the 70's prog era. On "Fairyport", WIGWAM mix jazz, rock, pop all in one exploratory album with a nice wide range of themes and moods. Generally the songs are pretty organ drenched with lots of rhythmic syncopation. With "Fairyport" the threesome of Gustavson, Pembroke and Pohjola was completed. Jukka Gustavson (keyboards) wrote the most progressive pieces, with Jim Pembroke (vocals, piano) wrote the lighter and shorter songs and Pekka Pohjola's (bass) focus on the instrumental aspects. The bottomline is a very well balanced album with lots of progressive tendencies, instrumental prowess and instrumental mastery. There are several magical moments on this album including "Losing Hold" , "Cafffkaff, The Country Psychologist" and Pohjols's ZAPPA-esque instrumental tribute "Hot Mice". Band membership was Ronnie Österberg (drums, congas, percussion, backing vocals), Jukka Gustavson, (vocals, piano, organ, electric piano), Jim Pembroke (vocals, harmonica, piano, electric piano), Pekka Pohjola (bass, violins, acoustic guitar, piano, celeste and harpsichord). I guess every diamond has one rough cut and so too does "Fairyport" with the last track being a 17 minute live epic recording circa 1971 and sounds even with the re-mastered CD version like something off a bootleg. Having said that the studio material is to kill for and I would heavily recommend this album to all lovers of progressive rock.

Wigwam - 1970 - Tombstone Valentine

Tombstone Valentine

01. Tombstone Valentine (3:03)
02. In Gratitude! (3:44)
03. Dance of the Anthropoids (1:08)
04. Frederick & Bill (4:24)
05. Wishful Thinker (3:43)
06. Autograph (2:36)
07. 1936 Lost in the Snow (2:08)
08. Let the World Ramble On (3:19)
09. For America (4:21)
10. Captain Supernatural (3:01)
11. End (3:35)

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, organ, piano
- Ronnie sterberg / drums
- Jim Pembroke / vocals
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violin
+ Heikki Laurila / guitar, banjo
- Kalevi Nyqvist / accordion
- Jukka Tolonen / guitar

Released in 1970, WIGWAM's second album "Tombstone Valentine" uniquely stands on its own as not only a precursor to what was still to come but also a wonderful album bubbling over with soul searching folk/psych/prog leanings. The first few WIGWAM albums are truly wonderful and generally cover a wide range of musical ground. This album is a collection is 11 tracks with a heavy focus on folk-blues-rock songs giving at times allusion to the symphonic prog the later albums would explore. Hard to exactly peg down this album but definitely hear some PROCOL HARUM and a piece of maybe folk-era HOELDERLIN. "Tombstone Valentine" introduced us to new WIGWAM members Jukka Tolonen (guitarist) and bassist/composer Pekka Pohjola. WIGWAM were lead by both Jukka Gustavson (organ, piano) and vocalist England's Jim Pembroke'. Overall this is an excellent album that showed WIGWAM in early form performing unconventional and original selection of folk/prog and clearly shows a young band searching for a chemistry that began to gel on this album.

Wigwam - 1969 - Hard N' Horny

Hard N' Horny

01. 633 Jesu Fåglar (0:07)
02. Pidän Sinusta (5:38)
03. En Aio Paeta (3:01),
04. Neron Muistolle; Hyvää Yötä (3:08)
05. Guardian Angel
06. The Future (4:56)
07. No Pens, El Karsinoita (4:51)
08. Henry's...Mountain Range Or Thereabouts (3:11)
09. Geographical And Astronomical Mistakes (2:02),
10. Highway Code (2:53)
11. ...Ghastly And Diabolical Mistakes (1:17)
12. ...Cancelled Holiday Planes (1:39)
13. ...Concentration Camp Brochure (2:58)
14. ...Ears, Eyes, Girlfriends And Feet (1:34)
15. ...Hard And Horny All-Niter (1:12)
16. ...Milk Round In The Morning (2:29)

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, organ, piano
- Mats Huldén / bass
- Nikke Nikamo / guitar
- Jim Pembroke / vocals
- Ronnie Österberg / drums
+ DDT Jazz Band
- Otto Donner / string arrangements
- Marjoritta Gustavson / vocals
- Fitz Jenkins / double bass

Before WIGWAM enter the land of the progressive they spent a few songs more in the Psychedelic vein with blues rock influences in many ways not unlike PINK FLOYD. Finland's WIGWAM were an original act from the start lead by Britan's Jim Pembroke's song writing and Jukka Gustavson's organ grinds and compositions. "Hard 'N' Horny" plays actually like 2 separate albums or in this case as 2 distinct sides. The album's first side clearly belongs to Gustavson (credited will all side one song penmanship) with his prog-blues organ drenched pieces and clever song writing drawing on genres of psych/jazz/avant art rock. In many ways I hear strong allusion to PROCOL HARUM with perhaps more of a psych flavour. In total contrast the second half of this album rests in the hands of Jim Pembroke (again all songs credit on side 2 to Pembroke) in a sadly forgotten, side-long, conceptual psychedelic masterpiece about some middle aged fellow named Henry. How this album has not been on more prog/psych rock website I'll never know at it is pure magic and one of my personal favourite WIGWAM albums.