Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Cosmic Jokers - 1974 - Sci Fi Party

The Cosmic Jokers
Sci Fi Party

01. Im Reich der Magier (8:27)
02. Der Herrscher (2:48)
03. The Cosmic Curriers meet South Philly Willy (5:25)
04. Kinder des Alls I (3:40)
05. The electronic scene (2:23)
06. Kinder des Alls II (3:43)
07. Interplay of forces (5:13)
08. Planeten sit-in (3:15)

- Dieter Dierks / bass
- Jürgen Dollase / keyboards, vocals
- Manuel Göttsching / electric guitar
- Harald Großkopf / drums
- Klaus Schulze / synthesizers

Ladies and gentlemen... Our next stop will be the to visit the "Sci Fi Party" on route through the cosmos of our minds. "Sci Fi Party" was another chapter in the cosmic music voyage from the collaborative forces of Germany's Schulze, Gottsching, Grofkopf, Dollase and Dierks. This is progressive space like you have never heard before and for those who are familiar with the "Galactic Supermarket" will know just what I mean. Juxtpose Gottsching's guitar expressions with the space keyboard talents of Klaus Schulze and fellow cosmonauts and you have a recipe for space travel. Ever since I found "Galactic Supermarket" I have been addicted to the music of the COSMIC JOKERS discovering their musical genius. "Sci-Fi Party" is a wonderful headphone experience for those late night cold winter evenings alone in your upper flat. Also the cosmic musical theme established on their first album is once again re-introduced to sustain the continuity of their cosmic musical story line. Creative and highly imaginative...!

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