Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sergius Golowin - 1973 - Lord Krishna Von Goloka

Sergius Golowin
Lord Krishna Von Goloka

01. Der Reigen (16:34)
02. Die Weisse Alm (5:49)
03. Die Hoch Zeit (19:25)

- Sergius Golowin / voice
- Jerry Berkers / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, bongo's
- Jürgen Dollase / piano, melotron, vibrafon, triangel and guitar
- Jörg Mierke / electric guitar, organ, percussion, voice choir, flute, electronics, conga's
- Klaus Schulze / drum, organ, mellotron & electronics
- Walter Westrupp / acoustic guitar, flute, mouthharp, windspel, psalter, tablas and percussion
- Bernd Witthüser / guitar

In 1973, immediately after the release of « Tarot » with Walter Wegmuller and during improvised sessions of the Cosmic Jokers, Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (producer, founder of the « cosmic couriers » label) publishes an other 'acid' musical experience with his project 'Lord Krishna von Goloka'. For this highly mystical adventure around India, Oriental mythologies and legends, the Kaiser asked the Swiss esoteric writer Sergius Golowin to join the group. 'Lord Krishna Von Goloka' is Sergius Golowin's unique musical collaboration. Sergius Golowin's intellectual & spiritual world (made of occultism, popular legends, shamanism.) takes a major importance for the conceptualisation of the project. Golowin is notably responsible of lyrics, making incantatory voices and recitations in German for intriguing "acid" folk based compositions. The album features usual musicians employed for the Cosmic Jokers jam sessions (the guitarist Manuel Gottsching, the keyboarder Klaus Schulze.). In addition we can notice the obvious presence of the Munich folk artists Walter Westrupp & Bernd Witthuser (on flute, percussions, acoustic guitars.). This album sounds like an evident cross between the pastoral flavour of Teutonic prog folk and the intergalactic mood of krautrock. Consequently, this is an imaginative, freak out musical experience to serve the philosophy of Rolf Kaiser's business "Kosmischen Kuriere".

Before to launch his career in writing, Sergius Golowin worked at the University of Berne, also as a librarian in the city of Burgdorf. During his prolific career as writer he specialised in mysticism and foreign philosophies. He published more than forty books about diverse subjects treating with occultism, tales, sorcery.he also participated to Walter Wegmuller's writing about the fantasy and symbolism of Tarot cards. One of his most famous publications is his dictionary of symbols "Lexikon der Symbole", reissued recently.

An original psych/ folk project directed by the esoteric Swiss writer Sergius Golowin. It is in the mood of Rolf Ulrich Kaiser's « Cosmic couriers » series, including many musicians of the krautrock scene for psychedelic improvisations recorded in three epic pieces. Conceptually this album deals with India mysticism, ecstasy and undirectly with drugs experiences, put in music to create a unearthly, beautiful journey through the cosmos and the hidden side of the Humanity. It contains ravishing, odd, spiritual recitations in German taken from Sergius' personal writings. The musical background is essentially under the direction of the folk duo Witthuser & Westrupp who play here all the acoustic parts (flute, bongos, guitars.) in order to provide a timeless and an exotic touch to the album. With lots of psychedelic, electronic, meditative effects combined to spoken words, the atmosphere of this album delivers a very mysterious, refined 'trip' that can easily haunts the listener, brings him into an other galaxy, far from the materialist preoccupations of our common world. This album is uncomparable, the music is unbelievable and can be considered as the most achieved musical document recorded by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser for his delirious "Cosmic Couriers" adventure. A must of "Cosmic music" and a very nice prog folk effort.



  2. Great Album love all the cosmic couriers musical experiments.good review!