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Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1980 - Suonare Suonare

Premiata Forneria Marconi 
Suonare Suonare

01. Suonare suonare (4:49)
02. Volo a vela (4:25)
03. Si può fare (4:51)
04. Topolino (4:47)
05. Maestro della voce (5:36)
06. Sogno americano (4:09)
07. Bianco e nero (5:47)
08. Tanti auguri (4:06)

- Franz Di Cioccio / percussion, drums, timbales, triangle, vocals, wood blocks
- Patric Djivas / bass
- Bernardo Lanzetti / lead vocals (except 2), vocals
- Flavio Premoli / organ, synthesizer, piano, vocals, Moog synthesizer
- Franco Mussida / acoustic, electric and classical guitars, vocals, lead vocals (2)

 I think that this is a good album, although it's not exactly a prog one. In 1980 progressive rock was out of fashion and PFM was looking for new ideas to survive in the music business like other bands in that period.

«We all started writing new songs, trying to go towards the Italian rock way, which was identifiable by lyrics. Our new project was not easy to realize, because we had to become authors. Anyway we succeeded thanks to our experience with Fabrizio De Andrè and the advices of our new producer, Mr. Colombini. "Suonare Suonare", that is to say "Eight stories made of music and words to express ourselves, communicate, suffer, enjoy and play music" (as is it written on the LP's back cover) is a new, fresh and vital LP which contains poetic autobiographical stories from the band's members» (from the official website of the band).

In my opinion this album is better than the previous studio effort "Passpartù" and, though the song-writing of PFM is far away from De Andrè's standards, here you can find at least three good songs that are still regularly performed live on stage: "Suonare suonare", a piano ballad with some "shy hints" of progressive and lyrics about "playing music as an antidote against boredom"; "Maestro della voce", song dedicated to Demetrio Stratos and built up around a catchy bass line; "Si può fare", with an interesting drums work. Remarkable also "Volo a vela", with a joyful rhythm that reminds slightly of "E' festa". In the other songs you can appreciate at least the great musicianship of the members of the band.

Though very far from essential in a prog collection this album is still an interesting one because it marks the definitive turning point in PFM's career and, in the whole, it's a good pop-rock work full of energy.

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