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Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - 1997 - Nudo (live)

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
Nudo (live)

CD 1: Studio And Unplugged (57:13)

01. Nudo (Parte I) (6:47)
02. Nudo (Parte II) (3:32)
03. Nudo (Parte III) (4:53)
04. E Mi Viene Da Pensare (5:53)
05. Prologo #1 (1:08)
06. R.I.P. (Requescant In Pace) (7:48)
07. Il Ragno (7:24)
08. Emiliano (4:06)
09. L'Evoluzione (8:18)
10. 750.000 Anni Fa ... L'Amore? (7:30)

CD 2: Live (60:09)

11. Sul Palco (0:34)
12. La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta (10:08)
13. Metamorfosi (12:37)
14. Guardami Le Spalle (5:54)
15. Roma / Tokyo (4:35)
16. La Band (1:44)
17. Bisbigli (1:28)
18. Passaggio (0:41)
19. Coi Capelli Sciolti Al Vento (2:01)
20. Traccia (3:05)
21. Prologo #2 (2:22)
22. Non Mi Rompete (14:58)

CD 1 - in studio, 1997

CD 2 - live:
tracks 11 - 16 - Tokyo, Japan in 1997
tracks 17 - 20 - Padova, Italy in 1995
tracks 21, 22 - Avigliana, Italy in 1989

 This is a double CD released in 1997 that contains some unplugged and live versions of some songs of BMS progressive years.

The first CD (Studio and Unplugged) contains "Nudo" - a new "studio" track in three parts that gives the name to the album (quite disappointing indeed) - and some old songs rearranged only with piano, vocals and two acoustic guitars: that's could be very interesting for the fans that can listen here to some new versions of masterpieces like "R.I.P.", "Il ragno" and "L'evoluzione". but I miss bass and drums (except in the amazing "E mi viene da pensare") and if you are not familiar with this band in my opinion is better listen to the original versions.

The second CD (Live) contains four tracks from two 1997's concerts (25 and 26 may at the "On Air West" in Tokyo to be exact, as indicated in the booklet) - "Sul palco" and "La band" are just Francesco Di Giacomo talking introducing the band - "La conquista della posizione eretta" and "Metamorfosi" are quite good performances, while "Guardami le spalle" (from the album "Il 13" with Vittorio Nocenzi on lead vocals) and the instrumental "Roma / Tokyo" are less interesting. Tracks from 7 to 10 are from a 1995 concert in Padova (Italy) and the last two tracks are taken from a 1989 concert in Avigliana (Turin - Italy). At the end of "Non mi rompete" (slightly different from the studio version in the structure, as in the live "Capolinea") there's a hidden track. nothing interesting, just the reprise of "Nudo"! Personally as a live album I prefer "Capolinea" that is more compact.

Anyway, although not essential, in the whole "Nudo" is a good album with new versions of great songs, especially recommended for the fans.

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