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Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - 1978 - ... Di terra

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso 
... Di terra

01. Nel Cielo E Nelle Altre Cose Mute (4:39)
02. Terramadre (3:08)
03. Non Senza Dolore (5:02)
04. Io Vivo (9:08)
05. Né Più Di Un Albero Non Meno Di Una Stella (8:01)
06. Nei Suoni E Nei Silenzi (5:48)
07. Di Terra (5:57)

- Gianni Nocenzi / piano
- Rodolfo Maltese / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet
- Pierluigi Calderoni / drums, timpani, percussion
- Renato d'Angelo / bass

- Alan King / flute, sax
- Orchestra dell'Unione Musiciti di Roma conducted by Vittorio Nocenzi

This is an album I have put off buying for a couple of reasons. First of all Fransesco one of my favourite vocalists isn't even singing on it, and second of all there is a full blown orchestra on board. I'm not totally against orchestral music but i've been disappointed so many times with the combination of Progressive Rock and orchestral that I didn't even want to bother. Big mistake ! "...Di Terra" has completely captivated me with the dual keyboard work of the Nocenzi brothers and the tasteful orchestral music. We get Jazz, Chamber rock and Symphonic, reminding me at times of UNIVERS ZERO, Miles Davis and many others. I'm so impressed with this album ! As others have said this really is one long piece of music.

"Nel Cielo E Nelle Altre Cose Mute" opens with some atmosphere before strings and horns come in tastefully. It starts to build to a great sound 3 1/2 minutes in before settling back down to the end. "Terramadre" is where the piano play comes to the fore as trumpet plays over top. Fantastic sound ! It settles before 2 minutes but then kicks back in. I can't help but think of Miles. It blends into "Non Senza Dolore" where it starts off in a haunting way with choir-like sounds as horns and organ play along. It then turns very atmospheric as a melody builds. This has to be heard to be appreciated. A change 3 1/2 minutes in as timpani and flutes take over as well as other sounds. "Io Vivo" is very orchestral with the strings and wind instruments to start. A change before 2 minutes as piano starts to lead the way. A calm 3 1/2 minutes in and I love the atmosphere here, it sounds like chamber music. Kicks back in at 5 1/2 minutes with guitar. Nice. Another calm 7 minutes in to the end.

"Ne Piu Di Un Albero Non Meno Di Una Stella" opens with some gorgeous piano melodies until we get a change before 4 minutes as drums and flute take over. Sax before 6 1/2 minutes and horns lead the way after 7 minutes to the end. "Nei Suoni E Nei Siunzi" is pretty restrained early but then it starts to build as the sound gets fuller. It becomes eerie sounding 4 1/2 minutes in, very UNIVERS ZERO-like with the dark piano melodies. Some dissonance late to end it. "Di Terra" builds to an incredible sound 1 1/2 minutes in. Then horns come blasting in. So much going on a minute later. It settles 3 1/2 minutes in with lots of piano.

This is a unique album in BANCO's catologue and one I treasure. It's one of those albums that gives me joy just listening to the collage of sounds and the way they all work perfectly with each other.

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