Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gothic Horizon - 1970 - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book

Gothic Horizon 
The Jason Lodge Poetry Book

01. The Jason Lodge Poetry Book
02. Song For Susan
03. Odysseus
04. A.J.Lone's Dog
05. Willow Tree Vale Song
06. Six Summers Back
07. Song
08. Althea Williams
09. Wilhelmina Before Sunrise
10. St. Valentine's Day Massacre
11. A Third For Jason Lodge
12. Pisces
13. A Farewell Ode To Port Sunlight

Gothic Horizon:
Andy Desmond - Six, Twelve String Guitars, Vocals
Richard Garrett - Vocals

Mark Helme - Lead Guitar
Ron Lawrence - Bass
Gray Richardson - Percussion
Ian Cameron - Flute
Eli Bickerstaffe - Banjuele
Jean Baptiste - Keyboard
Mike Simmons - "Willow Tree Vale" Guitar
The Yetties - Vocals

 The first of the two LPs by this obscure British group offers delicate folk and folk-rock, very much grounded in acoustic guitars, though some percussion and wind instruments are also heard on some tracks. It's not colored, however, with the traditional British folk slant identified with the most well-known of the U.K. acts in the style from the period.

It's more pop-influenced than trad-influenced, emphasizing the group's high, quavering harmonies on songs that are both wistful and self-effacingly humorous. At their most serious (as on "Wilhelmina Before Sunrise"), they sound a bit like Fairport Convention did in their early pre-traditional folk-rock days (à la "Decameron").

At times, a Simon and Garfunkel influence becomes a little too obvious; "St. Valentine's Day Massacre," "Althea Williams," and especially "Pisces" can't fail to recall that celebrated duo, all the way down to Paul Simon-like bent note guitar flourishes. Just to mix things up even more, there are tunes with a somewhat vaudevillian good-time flavor, sounding a little like the Lovin' Spoonful, or Peter and Gordon in their "Lady Godiva"/"Afternoon Tea" era.

While all of these bands and duos are good ones with whom to have similarities, the usual rule when such similarities crop up applies: Gothic Horizon themselves are not as good or identifiable as any of these apparent influences. It's on the slight and mild side, but nice enough as such second-and-third-tier rarities go, often bearing something of a sunny-morning-by-the-creek feel.



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