Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gold - 1979 - Night Ride

Night Ride 

01. Boogie
02. Rock And Roll
03. Everlasting End
04. Love City
05. Night Ride
06. Ain't Nobody
07. Hard Lovin' Woman
08. You (Know My Secrets
09. New York, New York
10. Til You Go

- Bob Wamnes / guitar
- Ed Mallett / drums, wind chimes
- Tom McCance / bass
- Jeff Powers / guitar

GOLD was an obscure four member band from Florida led by guitarist Bob WAMNES. Not much is known about them and only two records remain; 'Night Ride' from 1979 is a fun but just an average classic rock record while a year later the band would create a jazzy instrumental prog rock album. Recommended to all, 'No Class What So Ever' from 1980 is a hidden gem that successfuly combines harsher tones of guitar based prog with mellower jazz sound.

Killer little known private press with all original songs written by lead singer/guitarist Bob Wamnes. Great driving hard rock/blues rock/classic rock with some good fuzz guitar and rough vocals thoughout. Sort of a garage/bar band feel. Recorded in Florida. Sounds more early to mid 70's. Label - Sun Song 7783 - Florida private press rock LP. Interesting stuff, ranges from straight-up hardrock to a couple laid-back numbers to the prog / jazzrock style "New York, New York". Somewhat lo-fi recording (done on a Teac 3340S, according to the back cover)



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