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Florian Geyer - 1976 - Beggar's Pride

Florian Geyer 
Beggar's Pride

01. Lady Molly (4:53)
02. King Future (4:43)
03. I'm a Star (6:09)
04. Beggar's Pride (6:38)
05. Town Hill (10:40)
06. Troublemaker (4:15)

Bonus Tracks
07. Candle Of My Burial (4:12)
08. Monday Afternoon (4:29)
09. Morphin (5:25)
10. Whola Lotta Money (4:12)
11. Some Old Place (5:03)
12. Don't You Cry No More (5:53)
13. Late Night Movie (3:27)
14. Don't Send Me A Letter (3:46)

- Jürgen Glüge / drums
- K. Dieter Stieg / bass, vocals
- Manfred Wolf / guitar, lead vocals

German act FLORIAN GEYER, named after a knight who lived in the time of Martin Luther, was formed in Rheinland in 1971 by Jürgen Glüge (drums), K. Dieter Stieg (bass, vocals) and Manfred Wolf (vocals, guitar).

It took the band five years to produce their one and only album, "Beggar's Pride", a curious collection of glam-inspired songs heavily spiced with psychedelic musical elements.

The band recorded some material for a sophomore effort planned to be issued in 1980, but for some reason or other this project was shelved. In 1982 they changed their name to Hurrican, and isued one single under that name before dissolving.

The original album is power-trio driven garage/psych-hard rock, mostly of excellent quality. Included in this reissue are 8 bonus tracks - 2 recorded before the LP, which are both good, and 6 recorded later in the 80's. All but one of these are imminently forgettable. As usual for G.O.D. releases, includes Germ/Eng. booklet. Recommended

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