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F.G. Experimental Laboratory - 1975 - Journey Into A Dream

F.G. Experimental Laboratory 
Journey Into A Dream

01. Journey Into A Dream  
02. 2335  
03. Happiness
04. Church

- Frédy Guye / All electronics and effects

Fredy Guye is an obscure swiss keyboardist whose music is specialised in vertiginous spacey synthesised pieces. It includes a taste for concrete-neurotic sounds and church-like organs. The music delivers some astonishing lysergic moments, playing with ambiguous-liminal states created by multi textural dronescapes. It can easily be compared to Cyborg (Klaus Schulze) and to Sternzeit (Adelbert Von Deyen) with much more emphasis on religiously classical music themes. He published his first album "Journey into a dream" in 1974. One piece will be re-worked and used for the movie "Coma" (1976)directed by M. Lenherr. In 1980 is published his second and last LP. In 1993 his first album is re-issued on CD by the German label Thors Hammer. A must to re-discover.

F. G. Experimental Laboratory means Frédy Guye, an artist from the French speaking part of Switzerland who fiddles with sound. Every instrument is played by himself: the organ, the synthesizer with its additional gadgets, and the electric guitar. Yet, he doesn't sound like Mike Oldfield at all, but sometimes rather like Klaus Schulze. F. G. Experimental Laboratory plays a musical mix of electronic and classic which is as unusual as exceptional. In 1975 he released an LP on his own edition Frédy Guye with only one track on each side but each of 20 min. length. On CD you can find additionally the tracks of his one and only 7" single (released in 1976 in a number of 500 copies) which cost, like the LP, quite a fortune today. The detailed booklet contains on 32 pages the artist's story in German, English, and French, a discography, and a lot of pictures of covers, labels and more.

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