Sunday, November 2, 2014

Embryo - 1999 - For Eva

For Eva

01. Sugar Lump (5:09)
02. For Eva (7:54)
03. For Bob (11:26)
04. Cool World (12:04)
05. Anka's Trance (10:24)
06. Autumn Leaves (3:50)
07. Infinite You (5:16)
08. Bud Study (5:20)
09. Fire Waltz (4:28)

- Mal Waldron / piano, percussion
- Christian Burchard / vibes
- Dieter Serfas / drums
- Reinhard Knieper / bass

This album is an Embryo album without being one.. As this collection had appeared under Mal Waldren name back then. Indeed this 67 live collection shows the partnership between American jazz pianist and vibraphonist Christian Burchard, but also many other Embryo familiars like drummer Serfas, bassist Meid (also AD), etc. The whole thing was pure jazz back then, you could even call swing, because of its Lionel Hampton-type mallet-driven jazz. The quartet developed some very enjoyable but out-of-scope for this site jazz that borders Armstrong or the afore-mentioned Hampton. Virtuosic, but certainly not arrogant or show-off-ey, the 9 tracks taken from '67 concerts in Munich or Graz (Austria) are all originals penned by Mal Waldren or Burchard (just one) , with one cover, Autumn Leaves, with none standing out from the selection. Quite pleasant , but completely anecdotal



  2. Hi,
    I've wondered about this before, being cast as an Embryo album. I bought the cd second-hand some years ago. What was the name of the Mal Waldron release you say this originally came out as?