Sunday, November 2, 2014

Embryo - 1977 - Live


01. Bamboo Railways (5:06)
02. You Can Turn Me On (13:13)
03. Tiflis (5:58)
04. Roadsong (3:35)
05. After The Rain (3:25)
06. Bambule (3:50)
07. No More Love (4:35)
08. Ho Do Ima (1:19)
09. The Orange Man (7:09)

- Maria Archer / vocals, percussion
- Roman Bunka / guitar, vocals, oud, percussion
- Christian Burkhard / vocals, drums, marimba, vibes
- Charlie Mariano / Alto & Soprano saxes, flute, nagasuram
- Dieter Miekautsch / electric piano
- Uve Müllrich / bass, dilruba, percussion

guest musicians:
- Edgar Hofmann / flute (6)
- Geoffrey / percussion (7)
- Joseph / percussion (7)



  2. There's some weird flaws in this copy. Why does it fade out halfway through track 1 and fade back in with a weaker mix? What's going on with track 2 at 2:19? I stopped listening there because I figured there must be a better copy around somewhere...

  3. Well, funny how things work out! After this I discovered that the album was available on iTunes, so I thought "great, I can support a group I love by actually buying this as a download, AND it'll be properly remastered and problem-free." WRONG! The copy on iTunes is awful, and makes the rip here look positively excellent in comparison. (Btw I ended up being able to stitch up the few problems with the rip here, also aided by some noise reduction to remove that annoying hum) The iTunes rip has really weak sound quality, has remnant vinyl pops almost throughout, a few spots where it sounds like for a second someone rubbed sand over the record, and on track 7 there are two big skips that mean a large chunk of the song is missing! Completely unacceptable. Thanks for nothing Embryo - selling crap like that is a big slap in the face to your fans. Surely guys, if you want money for it, you could remaster it propely, and if the master tapes are gone, surely you could use a copy that doesn't skip, and take more effort to clean up the sound! I was able to manually remove a lot of the pops so you would never tell they were there, but it took me many hours. For someone selling the music I would expect them to at least put in the same amount of effort. (For the record I have purchased many of Embryo's albums on CD.) So, avoid this one on iTunes! Total bad quality rip-off.

  4. This file is no longer available due to an unexpected error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.

  5. Can you reupload ? Many Thanks

  6. new link

  7. Now only track within the file (number 1) is corrupted.

  8. Brenno is right, the file is corrupted. Any chance you can re-upload this? Thank you