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Dreamworld - 1980 - On Flight To The Light

On Flight To The Light 

01. Ways Of Love (3:27)
02. Beneath Silence And Storm (10:48)
03. Summerdays (4:36)
04. Dreamworld's Symphony (19:14)
  a) Introduction
  b) Between Trees And Oiseaux
  c) Un Rêve Se Réalisé
  d) Endless Tenderness

- Klaus Fichter / Vocals, electronic drums, congas, cymbals, gong, synthesizer, guitar
- Rolf Fichter / Vocals, synthesizer, mellotron, vibraphone, flute, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass

After Yatha Sidhra totally dissappeared from the music scene, one could wonder what the Fichter brothers were dealing with.Answer came at the dawn of the 80's, when they returned as a duo under the name of Dreamworld.Rolf Fichter was known as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, but his brother Karl had also developed his skills, now playing keyboards and guitar besides his usual spot behind the drum kit.Dreamworld made their debut in 1980 on Vertigo with the album ''On flight to the light''.

Short opener ''Ways of love'' was not something you should expect from former Yatha Sidhra musicians, having a certain PINK FLOYD aura with a hypnotic, Space/Psych Rock sound and very GLIMOUR-like guitar vibe on the solos with some sneezy vocals thrown in.On the contrary, the 10-min. ''Beneath silence and storm'' sounds like a lost YATHA SIDHRA piece, which still retains some of the PINK FLOYD mood, but the narcotic acoustic lines over the dreamy synth notes and the use of flute are coming straight out of the Fichters' past.After the middle the Kraut-oriented jam on electronics and organ offers a kinky, psychedelic atmosphere.''Summer days'' is another suprise, a mix of Kraut Rock, Lounge Music and Psychedelic Rock with interesting flute work but some bland vocals as well.Was this track recorded live, because something like an audience can be heard in the background, or these were only some sound effects, who knows.The 20-min. ''Dreamworld's symphony'' has nothing to do with a symphony actually.This is some sort of standard Kraut Rock with emphasis on electronic soundscapes, filled with sound effects, percussion and atonal piano lines, having obvious psychedelic orientations and becoming a jam monster, when electric guitar and organ jump in.An interruption will lead to an acoustic outro with acoustic lines and mellow flutes in yet another YATHA SIDHRA reminder.

Cool mix of Electronic Music, psychedelic jams, PINK FLOYD tendencies and light Space Rock.Beautiful album for relaxing or making trippy dreams.Recommended.

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