Saturday, November 8, 2014

Didier Bonin - 1979 - L' Arbre Verre

Didier Bonin 
L' Arbre Verre

01. Untitled [Band 1: 4 Untitled Sections] 6:33
02. Untitled [Band 2: 6 Untitled Sections] 9:42
03. Untitled [13 Untitled Sections] 13:40

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Vocals – Didier Bonin
    Illustration – Patrick Grillot

Autumn 1978-79

No track titles anywhere on the release.

An extremely obscure addition, Didier Bonin was a self-taught French multi-instrumentalist who released two LP's back in late-70's/early-80's.The first one entitled ''L’arbre-verre'' (''The glass tree'') was privately pressed in 1979.All info come from the artwork,Bonin had to be located in Dijon around the time and was definitely one of the first multi-instrumentalists to record an album alone, as he handles all guitars, bass, keyboards and drums himself!

This is very calm and somber music to say the least with the first track clocking at 17-min. long, being a melancholic piece of Psych/Prog/Electronic with a very ambient atmosphere, of course in downtempo, somewhat a cross between MIKE OLDFIELD, CYBOTRON, SEANSATION'S FIX and MICHEL MOULINE.Bonin achieved to create a unique atmosphere of spacey relaxing soundscapes, based on his psychedelic acoustic guitars, smooth electric guitar performance and cosmic keyboards, eventually offering a trippy musicianship with a very unique approach.A short SENSATION'S FIX-like into with sound effects and growing acoustic guitars will lead to the second 12-min. opus, this one suffers from an inconsistent mix and bad recording quality, but it ends up to be a decent listening experience.Mellow jazzy electric guitars combine with trippy synths in the start and after another keyboard-based break the atmosphere grows into a haunting grandiosity with acoustic guitars front in the mix and the cosmic keyboards supporting to offer yet another interesting spacey experience.

A complete French rarity, hitting triple digit numbers in auctions, but this one is not just another mediocre obscurity.''L’arbre-verre'' is a good addition for fans of trippy Space Rock or Electronic/Psych/Prog adventures with a deep emotional content.Recommended, despite the low recording quality.



  2. Thanks for these two albums, just lovely! I am amazed I hadn't heard of them, with my love of the French underground.

  3. Excellent records. The mix of artists you describe is good. I also hear some Jade Warrior in it, but this as a whole is unique and very atmospheric. Thanks!