Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Curt Newbury - 1970 - Half A Month Of Maydays

Curt Newbury 
Half A Month Of Maydays

01. S & C See Me
02. Christ, How Easy Could It Be?
03. To Marcia
04. Highchair Blue
05. Let’s Hang Some Pictures Tonight
06. Half A Month Of Maydays
07. Colonel Haygood
08. A Girl Is Just Too Much
09. Maybe Summer Bells
10. Private Jackson Regrets

All tracks by Curt Newbury

Curt Newbury – vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Mike Deasy – lead guitar, dobro, mandolin
Jeff Kaplan – rhythm guitar, pinao, organ, bass guitar
Pat Smith – bass, fiddle
Ron Johnson – bass
Rick Matthews and Coffi Hall – percussion
Paul Lagos – drums
Templeton Parsley – electric violin
Max Budhda – harmonica
Howard Johnson - tuba
Jeff Lasky – sax
Chuck Bennett – trombone
Richard Aplanalp – clarinet
Carol Connors and Marilyn McGinnis – vocals on track 9

Produced by Don Hall
Engineered by Dave Hassinger
Arranged by Curt Newbury and Jeff Kaplan
Recorded at the Sound Factory, Hollywood, California
Photography – Ed Caraeff
Original album design – Wayne Kimbell / Richard Edlund
With special thanks to Rick Heenan

“An interesting album of West Coast folk-rock with some brilliant guitar solos” – Fuzz, Acid & Flowers
Curt Newbury was a flying instructor, a licensed hypnotist and a gifted singer-songwriter. This unfairly-neglected collection – the only album he would ever release – originally appeared in 1970, and makes its long-overdue CD debut here. Featuring superb backing from members of US psych heroes Kaleidoscope, as well as legendary session guitarist Mike Deasy (who contributes some brilliant solos), it’s a varied and consistently enjoyable set that’s sure to appeal to all fans of acid-tinged folk-rock.


Meeting him, you’d say at once that he was shy and really pleased to meet you. Knowing him, you’re aware that he looks a little further into the same things you see. And liking him, you’d recognise Curt Newbury as a seeker after meanings – a poet on his way to wisdom.

Texas-born, he began picking folk guitar in college, playing the coffee houses. And he studied languages, perhaps because of the part of his childhood spent in Germany. And perhaps because he has abundant restless energy, and possibly because half of Texas is that huge, inviting sky, the language student became a flyer. A flying instructor. And, via equal parts of logic and mysticism, a licensed hypnotist, the better to teach student fliers...

Then, finally deciding: “Making music is what I’m supposed to be doing.” Gathering his songs. Making an album. Being unique. Being himself – Curt Newbury.



  2. This album features Rick James (credited as Rick Matthews) on percussion.