Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catharsis - 1975 - Illuminations


01. Aube (3:43)
02. La mort des amants (3:06)
03. Ballade des pendus (3:49)
04. En revenant de la noce (2:00)
05. Mignonne allons voir si la rose... (1:58)
06. Le canard blanc (2:31)
07. Illuminations (3:11)
08. Poèmes du 17e siècle (2:13)
09. Alchimie du verbe (2e partie) (7:35)

- Patrik Moulia / guitars, percussion
- Charlie Eddi / drums, percussion
- Yves de Roubaix / bass, guitar
- Roland Bocquet / keyboards
- Allain Geoffroy / piano, charango
- Charlotte / vocals, percussion

This is a unique sounding record where soprano female vocal melodies with acoustic guitar and drums dominate the sound. This is mellow, atmospheric and often dark sounding music with no lyrics. Not a lot of variation although synths, piano, percussion and bass are used as well. Her vocals remind me of Synne from IN THE WOODS... although the music here doesn't come close to what IN THE WOODS... brings to the table.

"Aube" opens with the birds singing as synths, vocal melodies and percussion arrive and contine throughout. Lots of atmosphere. "La Mort Des Amants" opens with strummed guitar as percussion, synths and vocal melodies rise to the surface. "Ballade Des Pendus" has a steady drum beat as organ and affects come and go. Vocal melodies arrive after 2 minutes. Cool song. "En Revent De La Noce" has an almost circus-like melody slowed down, with vocal melodies over top.

"Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose..." features keys with vocal melodies. She laughs a couple of times during this one. "Le Canard Blanc" has these light sounding keys, almost classical-like with more vocal melodies. "Illuminations" opens with organ and vocal melodies as heavy drums come in. "Poemes Du 17e Siecle" is a brighter more uptempo track as she uses her vocals in unique ways like she's having sex. She laughs out loud at one point. "Alchime Du Vertbe(2e Partie)" features piano, strummed guitar and the birds are back.


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