Friday, October 17, 2014

Novalis - 1985 - Nach Uns Die Flut

Nach Uns Die Flut

01. Die Show ist aus (3:43)
02. Im Neonlicht der Nacht (4:10)
03. Drachen im Wind (3:36)
04. Nach uns die Flut (4:20)
05. Wo sind die Sieger am Ende der Nacht (3:50)
06. ...und wenn die Gitarren brennen (3:26)
07. Hamburg (ertrinken möcht ich nicht in Dir (4:40)
08. Heute oder nie (4:00)
09. Gingst vorbei (3:18)
10. 100 Tage und Nächte verloren in Altona (4:03)
11. Wohin willst Du gehn (4:17)
12. Applaus Applaus (2:50)

- Hartwig Biereichel / drums
- Ernst Herzner / lead vocals
- Detlef Job / acoustic & electric guitars
- Lutz Rahn / keyboards
- Hinrich Schneider / bass

With Fred Mühlböck gone after a decade as the enthused voice of NOVALIS, one would have at least expected the group to acknowledge their long life and legacy by bowing out, but they soldiered on for precisely one more album. Ernst Herzner sings on a collection of dispensable pop tunes that sound like MEATLOAF served to MEN WITHOUT HATS and TOTO, and look about as ugly. I had hoped that "Flut" in the title referred to the beloved woodwind and possibly its resurgence at this late date, but alas, it means "flood", which is also a fair description of the end result. The production is much more "modern" as well, even compared with the immediately prior releases.

Being soft-hearted, I can't claim to be entirely unmoved by NOVALIS' reckless abandon and turbocharged new look, but ultimately this is tepid 80s AOR that takes very few chances. I'm not blaming Herzner who actually acquits himself quite well with the poor material. The hooks are predictable and dramatic in an overwrought sort of way, with "Im Neonlich Der Nacht", "100 Tage Und Nächte Verloren In Altona", ".. Und Wenn Die Gitarren Brennen" and "Heute Oder Nie" being the best/worst examples. "Drachem im Wind" and "Applaus Applaus" don't even that much appeal unless BRYAN ADAMS is your thing, while the title track seems to come out of the "Against All Odds" soundtrack. Probably the best song is "Wohin Willst Du Gehn" which reminds me of some folky turned electric and I can't think of whom.

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