Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Harmonium - 1980 - En Tournee

En Tournee

Disc 1:
01. Introduction (1:30)
02. Comme un fou (7:08)
03. Chanson Noire
.. Le bien, Le mal (4:22)
.. Pour une Blanche Cérémonie (4:10)
04. Le premier Ciel (20:52)

Disc 2:
05. L'Exil (11:58)
06. Le Corridor (3:50)
07. Lumière de Vie
.. Lumière de Nuit (4:17)
.. Lumière de Jour (2:38)
.. Lumière de Vie (0:51)
.. Lumière de Vie (2eme Partie) (3:12)
.. Lumière de Vie (3eme Partie) (4:44)
.. Lumière de Vie (Finale) (2:43)
08. Comme un Sage (15:30)

- Libert Subirana / flute, saxophone, vocals
- Serge Locat / piano, organ, Mellotron, synthesizers
- Monique Fauteux / Rhodes piano, vocals
- Robert Stanley / electric guitar
- Serge Fiori / acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
- Denis Farmer / drums, percussion
- Louis Valois / electric bass, Taurus (bass pedals)

Stunning, remarkable, beautiful, brilliant! I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe this album. Simply perfect, easily one of my favorite live albums. Harmonium takes L'Heptade and gives it a complete rebirth, with extended jams, and content that was impossible in the studio format. Serge Fiori's voice portrays emotion that can rarely be found and even is improved in the live format. Immediately after finishing this album I want to hear it again. I recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially those fond of acoustic music, keyboard music, and those hoping to find raw emotion through vocals. Basically the album takes the main songs from "L'Heptade" and extends them with very good results. Le Premier Ciel for example is extended 9 minutes with a wonderful sax solo and longer equally impressive keyboard solo to the studio version. This album is a masterpiece of Symphonic Progressive music and definitely deserves 5 stars.

Okay I know I'm just sounding like a fanboy but really, those who like live albums should really give this a shot, if you like "Les Cinq Saisons" you should really enjoy this album. And the good news is its now legally downloadable on iTunes and thus no longer a rare commodity.

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