Thursday, October 16, 2014

Abacus - 1972 - Just A Day Journey's Away

Just A Day Journey's Away

01. Seasong (7:11)
02. Munchen 23 (5:12)
03. Hamm Spring 71 (3:59)
04. Ballad Of Lucky Luke (3:01)
05. Continued On Page 2 Col. 6 (5:10)
06. White House May Come - White House May Go (4:12)
07. What Else (8:51)

- Felix Hans / drums, percussion
- Charlie Schade / guitar, sitar
- Chris Barutzky / keyboards
- Chris Williams / vocal
- Klaus Kohlhase / drums, percussion

The band's second outing was rather more mainstream than the first, yet still offers much to like. The propulsive "Seasong" is the obvious attraction here for prog fans, but it's not the only game in town. "Continued On Page 2, Column 6" is one of those herky-jerky-quirky numbers that seem to crop up on all of Abacus' records, and moreover makes them so enjoyable. "White House May Come, White House May Go" is another one of those enchanting, sitar-laden numbers, with a chord progression and vocal harmonies that, oddly, remind me a lot of Chicago's "Wishing You Were Here"!

Most of the rest of the album is decent, but won't really rock your world. I daresay few proggers will appreciate the blues-folk numbers like "Ballad of Lucky Luke"!

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