Sunday, March 10, 2019

Idris Muhammad - 1979 - Foxhuntin'

Idris Muhammad

01Boogie Boots 5:303
02Foxhuntin' 7:120
03(Dance Dance) Work Your Body 7:54
04Love New Orleans 9:03
05 Are We Doin' It 3:13
06 Dancing In The Land Of Lovely Ladies 8:10

Baritone Saxophone – Ronnie Cuber
Bass – Wilbur Bascomb
Clarinet – Phil Bodner
Drums – Idris Muhammad
Guitar – Hiram Bullock
Harp – Gloria Agostini
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Cliff Carter
Percussion – Sammy Figueroa
Trumpet – Danny Cahn, John Gatchell, Bob Millikan
Vocals – Frank Floyd, Ray Simpson, Zack Sanders

hoho! this is fun :) and great disco, very funky and full of ad lib happiness!

it's like a cross between Cándido, The Blackbyrds and hi-pitched voices ala Bee Gees

excellent drumming, funky guitars and bass together with dance, dance, dance!

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