Thursday, August 9, 2018

Extra Ball - 1979 - Go Ahead

Extra Ball 
Go Ahead

01. Krakowski Festiwal Jazzowy (5:50)
02. Gwiazdka Dla Ewy (5:30)
03. Taniec Na Linie (6:25)
04. Naima (1:50)
05. Go Ahead (2:40)
06. Kocham Cie Anno (6:25)
07. Sprawy Biezace (4:00)
08. Airport (4:50)
09. Sepia (0:55)

Jaroslaw Smietana /leader , electric and acoustic guitar
Adam Kawonczyk /trumpet, flugelhorn
Wojciech Groborz /Fender piano, piano, trombone
Antoni Debski /electric bass
Marian Bronikowski /drums, percussion
Janusz Muniak /tenor and soprano saxophones, flute

Recorded in Warsaw, May 1979

Go Ahead is the third studio album from Extra Ball, released in 1979 by Polskie Nagrania in the Polish Jazz series as Vol. 59. Traditionally, there was a major line-up change since the previous album (Marlboro Country, 1978). But this time the style didn't change that much. Go Ahead continues the exploration of the mainstream jazz territory.
The album starts where Marlboro Country ends - with a new (quite close to original) version of Krakowski Festiwal Jazzowy, the track which was also closing the previous album. Go Ahead contains some lyrical parts like Gwiazdka dla Ewy, Kocham Cie Anno, some dynamic like the title track, Taniec na Linie or Airport, there's even a cover of John Coltrane's Naima.

Overall, this album is not as disciplined as its predecessor. There aren't as many regular, memorable melodies but ther's more space for improvisations. It's more free and that's what makes it interesting.

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