Thursday, August 9, 2018

Extra Ball - 1978 - Extra Ball

Extra Ball
Extra Ball

01. Marlboro Country (8:30)
02. Pierwsza Wersja (4:45)
03. Wesola Piesn Dla Keesa (6:20)
04. Nocne Impresje (5:55)
05. Piesn Dla Elvina Jonesa (6:45)
06. Krakowski Festiwal Jazzowy (6:35)

Jaroslaw Smietana: Guitar
Jerzy Glówczewski: Alto Sax
Zbigniew Wegehaupt: Bass
Marian Bronikowski: Percussion
Jerzy Jarosik: Flute, Tenor Sax
Eugeniusz Okoniewski: Tenor Sax

Recorded march and august 1978 at PR Katowice.

This is the second studio album from Extra Ball, released by Poljazz in 1978. Since the debut, Extra Ball had a major line-up change - the leader (Jaroslaw Smietana) recorded this album with brand new team. The artistical direction also changed.
Marlboro Country represents Extra Ball heading for mainstream jazz territory. The album sounds... nice and optimistic, there are many regular, memorable melodies (the most memorable could be Wesola Piesn dla Keesa with great flute solo). There are also some more lyrical parts like Nocne Impresje or Piesn dla Elvina Jonesa (which turns into free jazz for a while). Overall, accessibility would be the most attractive attribute of this album, particularly for those who don't expect a copy of Birthday (Extra Ball's debut album).

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