Friday, August 31, 2018

Bullet - 1975 - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

01. Contract Man
02. G.B.H.
03. Road Runner
04. The Heist
05. Duluth Blues
06. The Spic
07. Hanged Man
08. Blue Panther
09. Killer Hill
10. Smokey Joe The Dreamer
11. Gentle In The Night
12. The Peterman
13. Funky Bear
14. Hanged Man

Music from the 1970's Television Series "The Hanged Man".
Published by Television Music Ltd, issued under license from Yorkshire Television Ltd. Originally released in 1975.

Bullet is the band with the performer credits for 'The Hanged Man' soundtrack. The music for this soundtrack was composed by Alan Tew and all cuts were taken (and re-edited) from two library records from the Themes International imprint Alan Tew - Drama Suite Part I & Alan Tew - Drama Suite Part II . 
The members of Bullet were session players (for KPM Music and Themes International Music): Les Hurdle (bass), Barry Morgan (drums), Alan Parker (Guitar), Frank Ricotti (percussion) and Alan Hawkshaw (keyboards) with additional members of the Max Greger Orchestra (brass and reeds). The score for 'The Hanged Man' (their only long player as Bullet) was recorded in Munich, Germany.

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