Friday, July 20, 2018

Lee Michaels - 1973 - Nice Day For Something

Lee Michaels
Nice Day For Something

01. Your Breath Is Bleeding 3:35
02. Same Old Song 2:30
03. So Hard 3:50
04. High Wind 5:55
05. Olson Arrives At Two Fifty-Five 6:40
06. The Other Day (The Other Way) 3:00
07. Rock & Roll Community 3:36
08. Bell 4:25
09. Went Saw Mama 3:00
10. Nothing Matters (But It Doesn't Matter) 6:30

Drums – Keith Knudsen
Guitar, Organ, Vocals – Lee Michaels

I guess somewhere in the mid-1970s, Lee Micheals--"You Know What I Mean" was his big hit in 1971--left A&M and the 1960s behind. Nice Day is on Columbia.

And is a good album. Michaels keyboard-based sound does not change from his earlier albums--although he does try using a synth here, and has replaced booming organ with piano.

What is different is the writing. Michaels has given up 1960s heaviness for condensed, streamlined songs. Nothing wrong with this--given that this was the early 1970s, tightening your keyboard sound is miles above sailing smackface into ELP goop. And there is an easy going, bluesy feeling which Michaels polishes to his advantage, sometimes even getting suddenly funky.

I do miss the experimental, uncharted feel of Michaels A&M albums like Carnival of Life and Recital--just blasting echo keyboard and space cadet art soul all over the place. But that was a different time and place, one we can always visit. I fully recommend this.

But for good tight writing and a tasteful transition into more home spun rock, it is a nice day for this album

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