Friday, July 20, 2018

Lee Michaels - 1971 - 5th

Lee Michaels 

01. Keep The Circle Turning 2:41
02. You Are What You Do 2:58
03. Willie & The Hand Jive 3:02
04. Didn't Have To Happen 2:32
05. Rock Me Baby 2:28
06. Do You Know What I Mean 3:11
07. Ya Ya 2:19
08. Can I Get A Witness 3:02
09. Oak Fire 2:53
10. I Don't Want Her 2:25

Percussion – Joel Larson
Guitar, Organ, Bass, Vocals – Lee Michaels
Saxophone – Jackie Kelso

Following the success of his third album, Lee Michaels continued the path of a solo artist -- solo meaning that most of the sounds on the record were primarily recorded by Lee alone. Organ (Hammond and pipe), piano, harpsichord, and organ bass create a heavy, dense foundation. Michaels had a unique sound, and along with his larynx-shredding vocals, the results are staggering. Aided by Joel Larson on drums, Michaels does a lot of covers on this record -- including "Willie and the Hand Jive," "Ya Ya," and "Can I Get a Witness." Michaels renders them all in an infectious, gospel style. There are only a few originals on the album, and one, "Do You Know What I Mean" (which really sounded like a cover), was a monstrous hit and cemented Lee Michaels as one of the best white blues performers of the period.

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