Friday, July 20, 2018

Lee Michaels - 1969 - Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels 
Lee Michaels

01. Medley 20:29
Tell Me How Do You Feel
(Don't Want No) Woman
My Friends
Think I'll Go Back
02. Stormy Monday 5:10
03. Who Could Want More 3:42
04. Want My Baby 2:58
05. Heighty Hi 5:57

Recorded June 2, 1969

Lee Michaels – lead vocals, organ, bass
Barry "Frosty" Smith – percussion

One of the masterpieces of the period, Lee Michaels was essentially recorded live in the studio by only Michaels (organ/bass pedals) and Frosty on drums. It's a fabulous performance and one of the finest R&B/rock sets of the period. The first side is comprised of a medley of soulful workouts that come out sounding not unlike Led Zeppelin. Here, Michaels pulls out all the stops (literally) and showcases the organ as a bona fide rock instrument. Despite the lengthy drum solo, it's one of the finest sides of Los Angeles rock & roll. Michaels also reprises "My Friends," a song from his first album, to great effect. Lee Michaels is also home to the good-time, pro-drug anthem "Highty Hi," as well as an awesome cover of "Stormy Monday." A true party platter.

All these years later I still love this album. If I had a dollar for every version of Stormy Monday that was ever recorded I would be rich. And a lot of those versions are damn good. Having said that I have never heard a better version then the one Lee recorded on this album. Lee displays what a powerful and incredible instrument the Hammond organ is in the right hands. He's got that thing firing on all cylinders and man, on Stormy Monday Lee will take you to church. Every time I play that song I have to crank it up.

I love the whole album, especially side 1 but it's Stormy Monday that defines this album for me. It just doesn't get any better!

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