Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski Quartet - 1978 - Flyin' Lady

Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski Quartet
Flyin' Lady

01. Pastuszek Stomp 6:44
02. Grzmot Nad Ranem / Morning Thunder 8:02
03. Bossa Nostra 5:35
04. Pani Ptakowa / Flyin' Lady 8:15
05. Dlaczego Malpa... / Why The Monkey... 7:52
06. Klichec Chechciol Dana 3:53

Bass – Witold Szczurek
Drums – Andrzej Dabrowski
Guitar – Marek Blizinski
Tenor Saxophone – Jan "Ptaszyn" Wróblewski

Recorded in Warsaw, August 1978

This is an excellent album by Polish veteran Jazz saxophonist / composer / arranger / bandleader Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski. One of the great pioneers of the Polish Jazz movement since the 1950s, Wroblewski remained very active on the local scene in many capacities, which included leading his own ensembles, directing the Polish Radio Jazz Studio Orchestra and teaching generations of Polish Jazz musicians. Wroblewski always firmly stood for the Jazz tradition, keeping the mainstream Jazz in Poland on a very high level. He was rarely associated with the Polish Jazz modernists and avoided Free Jazz excursions, even when these were fashionable. Nevertheless his unique and innovative approach to Jazz composition and virtuosic ability as a player make his very extensive legacy an infinite source of superb Jazz moments. This album presents six original compositions by Wroblewski, superbly performed by a quartet, which includes guitarist Marek Blizinski, bassist Witold Szczurek and drummer Andrzej Dabrowski. Blizinski should be noted as one of the greatest Polish guitarists and perhaps the Jazziest one, who avoided getting into Fusion at all costs, keeping his sound in the Wes Montgomery / Barney Kessel tradition. Altogether this is a great example of the versatility of the Polish Jazz scene and its excellence, regardless of the specific sub-genre in question. Highly recommended!



  2. Great to have another nice lengthy selection of Polish Jazz from you to get my teeth into. Much appreciated!