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Frederic Rabold Crew - 1972 - Flair

Frederic Rabold Crew 

01. Lapsus Penetrans 8:50
02. a) Emotion
    b) I Remember Renée 11:00
03. Ansia 9:30
04. Flair 9:30
05. Januschka 3:30

Acoustic Guitar – Gerhard Bader
Alto Saxophone – Eberhard Stockmann, Helmut Wilberg
Baritone Saxophone – Helmut Wilberg, Walter Hüber
Bass – Jan Jankeje
Bass Saxophone – Walter Hüber
Clavinet – Paul „Laps“ Schwarz
Drums – Martin Bues
Electric Bass – Billy Buchwald
Electric Guitar – Gerhard Bader
Horn, Trumpet – Frédéric Rabold
Percussion – Frank Köllges
Recorder [Bass] – Walter Hüber
Soprano Saxophone – Eberhard Stockmann
Trombone – Wolfgang Czelusta

Recorded 6th & 7th January 1972 in Düsseldorf

Frédéric Rabold (born November 23, 1944 in Paris , France ) is a German jazz musician ( trumpet , flugelhorn , composition ).

Rabold studied from 1961 to 1964 at the University of Music Karlsruhe . From 1965 he played in the Alex Lauser Quartet . In 1968, he founded his first Frédéric Rabold Crew , which quickly attracted attention in the German Modern Jazz scene and was able to participate in significant festivals. On behalf of the Goethe-Institut , the group undertook extended tours through Eastern Europe. The different occupations of this crew belonged u. a. Herbert Joos , Bernd Konrad , Paul Schwarz , Eberhard Weber , Thomas Stabenow or the singer Lauren Newtonat. In addition, Rabold has worked with avant-garde jazz musicians such as Gunter Hampel , Jan Jankeje , Leszek Zadlo , Perry Robinson , Lester Bowie , Manfred Schoof , Michael Sell , Albert Mangelsdorff , Tony Oxley and Jeanne Lee . After a break since 1984, during which Rabold essentially cared for the promotion of young talent with the Stuttgart University of BigBand , which he still leads, he revived his crew in 1995 ; Currently (2018), three saxophones (Regina Büchner, Benjamin Himpel andMagnus Mehl ) the frontline enriched by singer Gisela Hafner; the rhythm section is made up of pianist Jörg Büchler, bassist Fritz Hajek and drummer Joe Kukula. He also performs with the Jazz Inspiration Orchestra (which includes Erich Stangl, Uli Bühl, Manfred Kniel and Fritz Heieck) and the Stuttgart Small Stars . He played Dixieland and Swing with his ice-cream jazz band 

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