Thursday, July 19, 2018

Caroline Peyton - 1972 - Mock Up

Caroline Peyton 
Mock Up

01. The Sky In Japan Is Always Close To You
02. Pull
03. Don Beggs
04. Between-Two
05. Tuna
06. Engram
07. Sweet Misery
08. The Hook
09. Lorel Iii
10. Gone For A Day
11. Bill Monroe

Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax], Gong, Voice – Bill Noll (tracks: 11)
Electric Guitar – Bruce Anderson (tracks: 9)
Featuring, Guitar, Voice – Caroline Peyton
Guitar, Voice, Gong, Vibraslap – Mark Bingham
Piano – Mark Gray

Been trying to find this one for a while, one of my first posts on this blog was her second album, it took a while, but finally I found me a copy!
Born out of Bloomington, Indiana’s Needmore Commune, Mock Up is the drug-damaged hippy stepsister to Joni Mitchell’s Blue. A dark orgasmic love letter between Caroline Peyton and producer Mark Bingham, the sparsely arranged album chronicles the rise and fall of their tumultuous relationship. Peyton’s operatic training complements Mark Gray’s spare piano flourishes and Bingham’s minimal strums, seeming at times to be just another instrument amidst the controlled chaos. Bird calls, laughter, soprano, falsetto…even high-pitched squeals show off Peyton’s dynamic range and control. 

Quite possibly the hippest record to ever have its cover drawn by the pressing plant’s janitor.

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