Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birth Control - 1982 - Bäng!

Birth Control

01. Nuclear reactor (5:03)
02. Get ready to run (4:06)
03. Take alarm (5:31)
04. Greedy eyes (4:54)
05. The day of doom is coming (8:00)
06. Doom Boom (5:16)
07. The king of an island (6:20)

Bonus tracks on 1997 CD release:
08. Nuclear Reactor (Single Version) (3:43)
09. Get Ready To Run (Single Version) (3:49)
10. Nuclear Reactor (12" Mix) (6:33)

Recorded and mixed May and June 1982 at Dierks-Studios, Cologne.

Bernd Noske / lead vocals, drums, percussion
Bruno Frenzel / lead & slice guitars, lead (3,6) & backing vocals
Stefan Linke / rhythm guitar, vocals
Ulrich Klein / keyboards, backing vocals
Jürgen Goldschmidt / bass, backing vocals

Bäng!  follows the steps of their previous release "Deal Done At Night" and display a more (heavy) rock oriented music. This was actually a good surprise and I can only be pleased that they decided to go on that way with this album. Some might call this lack of originality, but while you have listened to "Titanic" and the "Dracula" stuff, I guess that you would agree.
Songs as "Nuclear Reactor" are just as good as what they have produced in their heydays. And when you listen to "Get Ready To Run", you can notice that they have listened to some new wave/punkish bands some years prior this release. The pace of this song is devastating all the way through these four minutes. Dynamite, my friends.

The winning trio is reached with "Greedy Eyes" which is a bouncing song as well, so dynamic and wiiiiiiiild. What a treat!

Following the same strong beat "Doom Doom" is not as good. A bit too long probably (but this won't be a unique event on this album). The more one listens to this album, the more one has to recognize that prog isn't many. It is also true to say that this wasn't a major characteristic of "Birth Control" (except "Backdoor Capabilities").

Some songs sound a little weak as well. Still rocking, but on the very heavy edge "Take Alarm" has no charm at all and "The Day Of Doom." sounds as a poor man's "Iron Maiden" song (the last two minutes being totally superfluous and repetitive).

The crescendo closing number "The King Of An Island" is my fave song from this album (but I am biased in terms of song structure. I just adore crescendo.). The guitar play is simply wonderful. Somewhat MMEB oriented - Solar Fire period (which is a reference).

There is a CD version with three bonus tracks : the single releases of "Nuclear Reactor" and "Get Ready To Run" as well as a 12" release of again "Nuclear Reactor", should you not have enough of it.


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