Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birth Control - 1980 - Deal Done At Night

Birth Control 
Deal Done At Night

01. Burnt gas (5:37)
02. He's in the right (4:52)
03. Talk to you (4:44)
04. Deal done at night (4:20)
05. Don't call me up (5:27)
06. Absolution (5:25)
07. Another death (6:05)

Bernd Noske / lead vocals, drums, percussion
Bruno Frenzel / guitar, backing vocals
Wolfgang Horn / keyboards, backing vocals
Jürgen Goldschmidt / bass, backing vocals

Gone are the funky roots (and some reggae as well). For the sake of everybody (at least mine, since there seems to be very little interest for this album).
The whole album features pleasant rock music like "Deal Done At Night" which is a catchy rock'n'roll tune (almost revival). But you'll have to face some soul-ish intro unfortunately. Another good song is the heavy "Talk To You". I have appreciated the great and super heavy organ play à la Heep (but here again, I am somewhat biased).

It is good to see that this band came back with a better offering. Of course, you shouldn't expect any outstanding numbers; just a sampling of good hard to heavy rock songs. But, isn't it precisely what we should have expected from this band?

Little prog as you could imagine but "Don't Call Me Up", "Burnt Gas" as well as "He's In The Right" should please any hard-rocker. And even if "Absolution" is more on the pop-rock side, the chorus is fine and the beat sustained.

The closing number has lots to do with Purple (Mark III or IV). Slow-paced heavy rock with powerful vocals. No surprise.

All in all, this is a good album. Since I have been quite harsh (but truly honest) with the band during my last reviews I will upgrade this album to three stars (but it deserves more five out of ten).

Still, a pleasant come back.


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/4cqyd1mvtttl/5730.rar

  2. Oops! Looks like a link switcheroo...
    Your #5730 link here for 'Deal Done At Night' is actually providing the folder for 'Birth Control - 1980 - Count On Dracula' (also #5730).
    Thanks for all your shares. Looking forward to 'Deal Done At Night'. Cheers :)


  3. http://www.filefactory.com/file/6ozgdeog8s57/5731.rar