Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birth Control - 1977 - Increase

Birth Control 

01. Skate-board Sue (3:55)
02. Domino's hammock (4:52)
03. Fight for you (4:35)
04. Until the night (6:25)
05. Get up! (4:35)
06. We all thought we knew you (7:50)
07. Seems my bike's riding me (8:00)

Recorded in July and August, 1977 at Lerchenhof, Pohlhausen, Cologne, Germany with Delta-Studios

Bernd Noske / lead vocals, percussion, drums (4,7), vibes (4,6)
Bruno Frenzel / electric & acoustic guitars, harmony vocals
Zeus B. Held / HammondC3, Fender electric piano, Hohner D6 clavinet, Mini-Moog, Polymoog, String synth, grand piano, alto sax, harmony vocals
Horst Stachelhaus / bass
Manfred von Bohr / drums, percussion (4), congas (5)

Upon hearing Increase, i was amazed at how unique it is. There are common influences associated with progressive rock here (and some that are not common). In the melting pot of influences, there is everything from a hard rock feel, to jazz-rock and blues-rock, and even funk in a few places, and it is the way in which they mesh them together that makes for a very uncommon and impressive record.
Increase is not as hard rocking as previous Birth Control records, but the band's instrumental prowess is still fully evident, and is something that makes the album cohesive, and qualify as a winner. (though Increase tends to be overlooked in the general, grand scheme of things)

What really drew me to this record was the song "We All Thought We Knew You", which is the lyrical highlight, and pretty impressive, instrumentally, as well with an interesting vibraphone solo in the middle of things. It was written as a tribute and memorial to the late Helmut Koellen, former guitarist and vocalist for Triumvirat who had died suddenly just a few months before this song was recorded. A sad and painful thing to deal with, but is dealt with sensitively, and with understanding. Luckily, on youtube is a live concert performance of We All Thought We Knew You from 1977 in Germany with Zeus B. Held and the band.

No, Increase is not exactly like their other ones, but definitely is worth hunting for and listening to-i guess i could sum it up as unique, spirited,and wonderful! 

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