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Birth Control - 1976 - Backdoor Possibilities

Birth Control
Backdoor Possibilities

01. One first of April: (7:41) :
- i) Prologue 2:32
- ii) Physical and mental short circuit 3:58
- iii) Subterranean escape 1:11
02. Beedeepees: (8:34) :
- i) Film of life 5:37
- ii) Childhood flash-back 0:52
- iii) Legal labyrinth 2:05
03. Futile prayer (5:55)
04. La Cigüena de Zaragoza: (8:17) :
- i) The farrockaway ropedancer 4:28
- ii) Le moineau de Paris 2:24
- iii) Cha cha d'amour 1:25
05. Behind grey walls (6:53)
06. No time to die (6:10)

Recorded and mixed at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen. Some overdubs recorded at Studio Nedeljev, Cologne. Produced in july and august 1976.

Bruno Frenzel / electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Zeus B. Held / Hammond & Yamaha organs, Fender & Hohner electric pianos, Moog & Arp synths, grand piano, alto sax, tubular bells, vocals
Peter Föller / bass, vocals
Bernd Noske / drums, percussion, lead vocals

Michael / percussion (4)

There are those who feel this is not only BIRTH CONTROL's proggiest album but also their crowning achievment. Then there are those (loerboy) like myself who feel this is an excellent 4 star album but not as good as "Plastic People".This took a while to grow on me. It's certainly more Symphonic than anything they had done up to this point. I was reminded of GENESIS a couple of times and GENTLE GIANT several times. More prominant keyboards on display here than in their past as well.
"One First Of April" sounds kind of strange to open then it kicks in with drums pounding. Vocals follow. I'm reminded of GENESIS briefly 2 1/2 minutes in. The guitar and keyboards trade off 4 minutes in. It settles after 5 minutes. Vocals and drums are back 6 minutes in. Nice. Guitar follows as he proceeds to rip it up. Great opening track. "Beedeepees" I guess stands for the album's title. BDPS. Atmosphere to open then keys and reserved vocals take over. Bass and what sounds like mellotron before 2 minutes. Then it kicks in with the vocals, guitar and drums standing out.. Some Howe-like guitar 5 1/2 minutes in then it settles. Some cool GG-like vocal arrangements before 7 minutes. Kicks back in with a good percussion / guitar soundscape.

"Fugitive Prayer" is an interesting song that is as you might suspect rather melancholic. Intricate guitar and mellotron ? to open before reserved vocals arrive. The vocals become passionate after 2 minutes. The organ before 3 minutes has some attitiude. "La Ciguena De Zaragoza" is kind of jazzy to open. It's building and the drums sound amazing before a minute. Check out the guitar a minute later. It settles before 5 minutes to a spacey enviroment. Guitar then drums come in and build. Sax after 7 minutes. "Behind Grey Walls" opens with some nice piano melodies before vocals come in after a minute. It kicks in with power after 1 1/2 minutes. Great sound here. I like the organ and drum work too. Incredible. Guitar 3 1/2 minutes in. It settles with organ and tasteful guitar 5 minutes in before it kicks back in one more time. The final track "No Time To Die" is my least favourite. It opens with organ before the drums and guitar kick in. It settles with synths before 1 1/2 minutes as vocals join in.The sound does get fuller here.

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