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Birth Control - 1970 - Birth Control

Birth Control
Birth Control

01. No drugs (4:01)
02. Recollection (6:24)
03. Deep inside (4:40)
04. Foolish action (4:32)
05. Sundown (10:02)
06. Change of mind (4:42)
07. Light my fire (5:40)

Bonus tracks on 1997 reissue:
08. No Drugs (1970 Single) (4:07)
09. All I Want Is You (1970 Single) (4:13)
10. October (1969 Single) (3:43)
11. Freedom (1969 Single) (4:01)

Bruno Frenzel / guitar, vocals
Reinhold Sobotta / organ
Bernd Koschmidder / bass
Bernd Noske / drums, vocals

So-called pillbox cover: a circular gatefold.
On the back cover Koschmidder is spelled 'Kaschmidder', inside the cover the name is correct.

Recorded in the Audio Studios-Berlin 1970

Resonable heavy psych, with The Nice-esque proto-prog tendencies on organist Reinhold Sobotta’s two instrumentals: “Recollection” and “Sundown”. The rest of the songs aren’t terribly memorable, the band had clearly not found their voice yet. But speaking of voices, drummer Bernd Noske’s authoritative yet surprisingly nuanced hard-rock voice is already a force to be reckoned with even at this early stage. Low point is the rather pointless cover of “Light My Fire”.

Not a must-own, but far from bad. If you have some of their other albums already and are curious about the group’s origins, I certainly see no reason why you shouldn’t check this out.

Distinctly naive, in both writing and musicianship and quite dated, even for 1970. Must be seen as a work in progress as the next 3 or 4 albums were very high quality, yet it does include flashes of real interest. 

I was really pleased when I checked out this album.  The guitar sound is very raw and punky for the time that it was recorded.  There's also some nice organ playing (kinda reminds me of the Doors at times).  The lead singer also sounds like he has taken a few notes on Jim Morrison's vocalisms.  It's also nice to hear a song that's anachronous to the rampant drug culture of the times, that's about the band's love of music that can be played and enjoyed whilst not high ("No Drugs").  This is a quality Krautrock release that is as enjoyable for me as some of the biggest names in the genre.

Cover Variations:
USA 1970 Cover

1973 Reissue with different name 

1976 Reissue with different name

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