Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Colosseum - 2007 - Live05


101. Showtime (0:34)
102. Come Right Back (5:00)
103. Theme for an Imaginary Wastern (6:35)
104. Lights (0:32)
105. Rope Ladder to the Moon (8:35)
The Valentine Suite:
106. January's Search (6:46)
107. February's Valentine (5:09)
108. The Grass Is Always Greener (11:09)

201. Those About to Die (5:00)
202. Stormy Monday Blues (10:14)
203. No Pleasin' (7:50)
204. Tomorrow's Blues (12:10)
205. Drum Intro To LA (2:57)
206. Lost Angeles (16:24)

1/2/3/6/7/8 recorded at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart 11/06/05
4/5 recorded at Music Hall Worpswede 23/4/05
9/10/11/12/13/14 recorded at the Treibhaus Innsbruck 30/06/05
Produced by Clem Clempson, Dave Greenslade and Jon Hiseman

Line-up / Musicians
- Chris Farlowe / vocals
- Clem Clempson / guitars, vocals
- Mark Clarke / bass, vocals
- Dave Greenslade / Hammond organ, electric piano
- Barbara Thompson / saxophones (alto, soprano and tenor)
- Jon Hiseman / drums

Once more, the extraordinary musicians of Colosseum have produced an equally extraordinary and first-class live album. During the summer tour of 2005 Miles Ashton, the great live sound engineer who runs his own studio in Watford, recorded all of Colosseum’s concerts to 24-track digital. Guitarist Clem Clempson and Keyboard player Dave Greenslade spent long days at Clem’s studio auditioning all the performances looking for that magical mix of performance and natural sound quality and put together a complete show to run over two CD’s. So now, you can enjoy a complete Colosseum concert with the fanstastic voice of Chris Farlowe, the virtuoso playing of Clem Clemspon, Dave Greenslade and Barbara Thompson plus the outstanding bass player Mark Clarke – and of course drumming legend Jon Hiseman.

The first set features performances from The Theaterhaus in Stuttgart / Germany ( June 11th 2005) together with the both “Lights” and the Jack Bruce Classic “Rope Ladder To The Moon” from The Music Hall in Worpswede / Germany ( April 23rd 2005 ). The second set was recorded at The Treibhaus in Innsbruck / Austria ( June 11th 2005 ).

Although Barbara Thompson played alongside Dick Heckstall-Smith on the first three original albums this new release is the first featuring her with the band – and she has bought a whole new dimension with her. 

Top notch performance and production & song selection. Chris Farlowe's voice seems to get better with age. Only a couple of slow moments. Wanted one live audio to go along with the 1994 video and decided between this one, the 1971 live album & 1994 reunion and I think I made a good choice. All players seem to get better and better. All are accomplished studio musicians and it really shows. They really get into a groove that you just don't hear in today's bands.

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