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Colosseum - 2003 - Tomorrow's Blues

Tomorrow's Blues

01. Tomorrow's Blues (6:41)
02. Come Right Back (4:32)
03. In The Heat Of The Night (5:37)
04. Hard Times Rising (6:41)
05. Arena In The Sun (instrumental) (3:25)
06. Thief In The Night (5:47)
07. Take The Dark Times With The Sun (5:12)
08. The Net Man (instrumental) (5:39)
09. Leisure Complex Blues (5:12)
10. No Demons (4:31)

Recorded spring 2003 at the Temple Music Studio, Sutton, Surrey, U.K.

- Chris Farlowe / lead vocals
- David Clempson / lead guitar, Fender Rhodes, backing vocals
- Dave Greenslade / Hammond organ, grand piano
- Dick Heckstall-Smith / tenor, baritone & soprano saxophones
- Mark Clarke / bass, lead (9) & backing vocals
- Jon Hiseman / drums

- Chris White / tenor sax (2,7)
- Simon Gardner / trumpet (2,7)
- Steve Sidwell / trumpet (2,7)

Released in 2003, Tomorrow's Blues was the second post reformation album from Colosseum. There's a big clue in the title on what to expect here and basically what we have is a Blues album in the main but unfortunately not a fantastic one. This album will likely remain the last one (in studio anyway) with Colosseum's No 2-man Dick Hecktall-Smith's recent passing away. The CD kicks off brilliantly with the title track, Tomorrow's Blues. Rhythmically inventive, lovely arpeggio Guitar playing from "Clem" Clempson, nice solo too and excellent vocals from the wonderful voice of Chris Farlowe. Some great swathes of sound from Dave Greenslades organ and piano, the HUGE bass lines bubbling along with every track from Mark Clarke - and, of course, the ONE and ONLY Jon Hiseman on hitting-things very fast.

Amongst certain other web-based reviews there is the feeling that this is one of their weaker albums, one that doesn't have the same weight as the albums from their short earlier period but I have to disagree. This is a more mature work, an album that carries the years of experience that the personnel have accrued since those early days. If you are looking for a carbon-copy of the earlier work you won't find it here and that's for the better. What you will find is a well-crafted album by a bunch of seasoned pros who have by no means lost their chops. This is no 'sit back and repeat the past' session in nostalgia. It is an original-voiced excursion into rock/blues by Jon Hiseman, Mark Clarke, Dave Greenslade, David ('Clem') Clempson, Chris Farlowe and the sadly departed Dick Heckstall-Smith. If I wanted anything more, it would be to hear more of Mr. Heckstall-Smith. This was to be his last Colosseum album before his sad demise and he doesn't feature enough. Whether that was because of his health at the time I don't know but his featured strong blowing is missed and that would be worth another star above. He's there, just not enough. Even so, this is an album, like all of the Colosseum oeuvre, worth checking out.

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