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A Paradise Is Born - 1980 - A Paradise Is Born

A Paradise Is Born 
A Paradise Is Born

01. A Paradise Is Born 6:37
02. Woody Woodcock 2:02
03. Wind 3:08
04. Freundschaft 3:09
05. We Are A Nation 4:50
06. Teufelsspiel 4:13
07. Speaking To A Bitch 3:02
08. Blaue Stunde 2:50
09. In My Mind 5:00
10. Gegenströmung 3:15
11. Erkenntnis 5:36

Often listed as an album by Richard Abt, but in fact Abt only wrote 6 songs out of 11. The rest are different musicians' contributions, which implies that this is the work of the band rather than a solo project.

German folky with dual male/female vocals, that sounds more English in execution (and language of course). Parallels to Carol Of Harvest can be found, but without the progressive elements. Some nice electric leads. File next to Stone Angel.

Big-time private label rarity from Germany, recorded in 1980 and released on the tiny TTS label - very very few people even KNOW about this one, and, needless to say, it's never been reissued in any format. The artist is either Richard Abt or A Paradise is Born, I've seen it offered as both, although Richard's name is only mentioned on the record label. Musically, it's a fantastic mix of acoustic folk and great echoed-out acid rock, most notably on the killer "We Are A Nation," which pits an electric violin against some manic flying Hendrix guitar. Other cuts are more subdued and folky, like the male/female campfire singalong with the very unfortunate title "Speaking To A Bitch," which also boasts the refrain "Your life is a dead life!" Obviously, even though it's of German origin, the lyrics are almost exclusively in English, and it's obviously been influenced by the early 70's English folk psych giants. I've seen it compared to Carol of Harvest without the progressive influence, or Stone Angel, and I've seen it selling in one of the biggest rare LP collector's lists for $400. It's certainly VERY rare, and someone needs to do a reissue of it soon.

Anyone out there with more info?

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