Sunday, May 13, 2018

Wiebelfetzer - 1971 - Live


01. Bazillus-Infection (Ole Thilo)
02. Force Ichha  (John Tchicai)
03 .Viodo  (Runo Ericksson)
04. Abrikosmos  (Ole Thilo)

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – John Tchicai
Bass Guitar – Gogo Thalmann
Bass, Bass Guitar – Peter Warren
Drums, Percussion – Freddy Studer
Guitar – Stephan Wittwer
Organ, Piano – Ole Thilo
Percussion, Congas – Krokodil-Düde Dürst
Piano, Electric Piano – Irène Schweizer
Trombone (Bass) – Runo Ericksson
Trumpet (Pocket Trumpet) – Jürg Grau
Voice, Percussion, Artwork – Anne Christiansen

Recorded in concert at "Weisser Wind", Zurich, Switzerland, April 27nd 1971.

It all started at the "Weisser Wind" of Zürich, in April 1971. Seven Swiss, three Danes, an American and a Swede, played the whole evening of the 27th, experimenting new sounds and melodies, for all the free jazz lovers... The result is just astonishing, brilliant and out of time !!! That session will always remain timeless, as these sounds (more than music) transports you elsewhere, allowing a long interior mediation. Of course, you can call it free and experimental jazz / rock but I don't think it can properly be classified. This so dense album is properly a chronological history of music: hear it a hundred times, you'll always discover new things in it ! After a few plays, it's to me a subtle and refined melange of Stravinski, Miles Davis (especially Bitches Brew) and Amon Düül. It also makes me think about "Shining" creepy OST.

Four tracks, the shortest being 17 and a half minutes long and the other three all going past twenty. I was expecting this to be much, much freer than it was. It's still pretty off-putting, particularly in its dedicated lack of direction, but I was surprised by how much ground is covered on this album. The last track gets all psych-rocky out of absolutely nowhere, some of it's experimental big band-y, some of it's straight free improv... veritable assloads of wandering, but it doesn't like to stick to one theme for very long. Well, I say very long...

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