Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wallenstein - 1972 - Mother Universe

Mother Universe

01. Mother Universe (8:30)
02. Braintrain (8:33)
03. Shakespearesque (4:20)
04. Dedicated To The Mystery Land (7:48)
05. Relics Of The Past (6:18)
06. Golden Antenna (4:15)

Bill Barone / guitars, vocals
Jürgen Dollase / keyboards, lead vocals
Jerry Berkers / bass, lead vocals
Harald Großkopf / drums, percussion

Does Wallenstein's "Mother Universe", their second album, hold it's own with their astounding debut "Blitzkrieg"? My answer is yes. There are some differences in this second effort, but also some continuity with it's predecessor, with the result being an album that holds it's own, but is still classic Wallenstein.
The differences are that this album has real vocals, the songs are shorter, and the mixing of instruments is sometimes altered. On some tracks in Mother Universe, Jurgen Dollase's keyboard work is less to the fore than on Blitzkrieg, and the resultant song feel in some cases leans more towards a psych direction than a classical music structure.

Then, there are the previous Wallenstein characteristics apparent. Dollase's deeply moving keys playing, obviously classically inspired at times, the playfully aggressive guitar work going on at the same time at times, and the creative bass and drum work, as well. And the compositions are Dollase's, as in the case of the debut album.

On Mother Universe, the vocal work and instrumental play go together really well, and make for a balanced album, though it is instrumentally where this band really shines. Mr. Dollase's keyboard work is especially delightful, and a thrill to follow on this album, as well. Vocally and instrumentally, there is real unbridled emotion going on here, and what would music be without real emotion? The whole record is very moving, and displays some of the greatest music of the symphonic prog world, period.

Wallenstein would not peter out after these first two masterpieces, and continue to create some great music, up to, and including the album Charline, an album which is a far cry from this one, but good, nonetheless. Mother Universe is definitely one of the band's very best

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