Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Steve Reich - 2005 - Live 1977

Steve Reich 
Live 1977

01. Six Pianos (1973) 18:10
02. Pendulum Music (1968) 5:58
03. Violin Phase (1967) 18:16
04. Music For Pieces Of Wood (1973) 10:45
05. Drumming - Part Four (1971) 9:02

Steve Reich
Bob Becker
Steve Chambers
Russell Hartenberger
James Preiss
Glen Velez

Heralded by the Village Voice recently as "America's greatest living composer" and considered "the most original musical thinker of our time" by The New Yorker, Steve Reich has produced a sound as distinct and singular as any in modern music over the last thirty years.

This CD features highlights from a four-night series of performances by Steve Reich and Musicians, presented at New York's legendary experimental arts venue, The Kitchen, in May 1977.

These live recordings are classic representations of Reich's early musical style and reflect his use of repeated patterns and, in the seminal work of 1967, Violin Phase, as well as in Part Four of Drumming and Pendulum Music, his original 'phasing' technique.

The disc opens with one of Reich's most famous pieces, Six Pianos, which produces a wonderfully complicated texture of overlapping notes as the six pianists play out of phase, and it also includes Music for Pieces of Wood, performed on tuned claves.

The CD includes some surprises. For instance, Violin Phase - very unusually - used three pre-recorded violin lines while Shem Guibbory performed the fourth live. And Pendulum Music is also very distinct from studio recordings because the acoustics of the Kitchen's space gave the swinging microphones a very different resonating feedback as they passed over the speakers.

'Steve Reich And Musicians, Live 1977' is the second in an ongoing series of releases comprising material culled from The Kitchen's extensive archive of its own performance history.