Monday, May 14, 2018

Moe Koffman - 1970 - Curried Soul

Moe Koffman 
Curried Soul

01. Curried Soul 3:18
02. You Are My Sunshine 3:19
03. Li'l Bitty Pretty One 3:56
04. Sunshine Superman 4:54
05. Country Song 3:31
06. Anteater's Dance 3:00
07. High Heel Sneakers 3:50
08. Cantelope Island 6:55

Lenny Breau: Guitar
Moe Koffman: Flute, Saxophone
Dave Lewis: Drums
Doug Riley: Keyboards
Davis Young: Bass

Born in Toronto, Koffman played violin at age nine. Later he took up clarinet, sax, and flute at age 13. In 1948 he won a jazz poll in 'Metronome' magazine which garnered him a record deal with Mainstream Records in New York who released two records on 78 RPM.

In January 1950 he moved to New York and hooked up with Sonny Durham's band and later did stints with Buddy Morrow, Jimmy Dorsey, Ralph Flannagan, Charlie Barnet, Tex Beneke, Doc Severinsen as well as some Latin acts.

After six years on the road Koffman returned to Toronto and formed the Moe Koffman Quartet to play clubs and concert halls where they were highly in demand.

On the suggestion of a friend, they recorded a demo tape which landed them a record deal with Jubilee Records. Their first record for them was originally an original by Koffman called "Blues A La Canadiana" but was changed by the producer during the recording session to "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" becoming a smash hit in 1958.

Koffman has stuck mostly to session and other studio work (like Bach Sonata's on GRT Records in the '70's) while also performing at Colleges and clubs with his band. He was music director at George's Spaghetti House in Toronto for over 20 years. He was also an integral part of Rob McConnell's Boss Brass, worked closely with Doug Riley, Jimmy Dale and Guido Basso.

In the 80's he would sign to Duke Street Records producing music that was back in style once again -- be-bop jazz plus 'cover material' by the masters.

In 1993 Koffman was appointed the Order Of Canada for his outstanding work and service to the arts; Koffman's instrumental piece "Curried Soul" was the theme music to CBC Radio's 'As It Happens' show for many years.

Moe Koffman was a Canadian jazz musician who played not only the flute but also rocked the sax and clarinet (just like our very own Trampy). Having established his reputation as a talented flautist in the late 1950s and 1960s, Moe's Curried Soul saw Koffman move from straight-up jazz into the world of fusion. Released in 1969 on Karma Sutra records, Curried Soul is a funk/soul/jazz explosion. The title track is the winner here, funky and jazzy in equal measure. If you can tolerate jazz flute you'll surely find a lot to like – great guitar, nice horn section and (presumably to justify the "curried" part of the title) just a tickle of sitar ... all of which builds to a satisfyingly cosmic finale. The rest of the album has a definite 1970s Sesame Street vibe going on (particularly the cover of You Are My Sunshine which jars somewhat as it immediately follows Curried Soul) but Koffman's covers of High Heel Sneakers and Cantelope Island are worth a listen.


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