Monday, May 14, 2018

John Mayer - 1971 - Radha Krishna

John Mayer 
Radha Krishna

01. Radha Krishna Act 1 15:40
02. Radha Krishna Act 2 19:50

Music composed and directed by John Mayer.

Susan Lees - Contralto
Austin Miskell - Tenor
Nicolette Bernard - Narrator

The unashamedly erotic, two-act Radha Krishna (1971) is the more ambitious project. “Each day the breasts of Radha swelled,” intones narrator Nicolette Bernard before the strings come in. While Radha Krishna is the greater work, its jazz content is not as pronounced though it has its Indo-jazz, wailing sax and boogie-woogie moments. A long-lost treasure.

Radha Krishna is a two-act dramatization from 1971 with narration and musical storytelling of Krishna's consort Radha and their romance. scored for sitar, sarod, tabla, string trio, double bass, flute, tenor saxophone and clarinet, oboe, drums and percussion. Vocalists are Austin Miskell, tenor, and Susan Lees, contralto. The excellent album should appeal to jazz, classical, and world music fans who appreciate experimentation.

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