Monday, May 14, 2018

John Mayer - 1968 - Indo-Jazz Interpolation

John Mayer
Indo-Jazz Interpolation

01. Indo-Jazz Interpolation No. 1
02. Indo-Jazz Interpolation No. 2
03. Indo-Jazz Interpolation No. 3
04. Indo-Jazz Interpolation No. 4

Joe Harriott: alto saxophone
Eddie Blair: trumpet, flugelhorn
Pat Smythe: piano
Rick Laird: bass
Alan Ganley : drums
John Mayer: harpsichord, violin, music director
Diwan Motihar: sitar
Chandrahas Paigankar: tambura
Keshav Sathe: tabla
Chris Taylor: flute

Noted for it's early (1966) attempt at East/West jazz fusion, the band(s) succeed on most fronts.  A definite mid-60s British feel to the jazz elements is there and the Indian percussion brings a new sense of swing.  The album uses the scales of the two forms imaginatively, at times being more one than the other and then combining them almost seamlessly.  I don't know of any previous recordings that have done this sort of tonal experimentation so seamlessly and accessibly within the genre.  Expertly done.

There will always be detractors who maintain that East is East and West is West, but music has always been an evolutionary art, the world is wholly populated with songs that do not stand on their own but are a product of world-wide influences from uncountable circuitous routes.  If we were to preserve purity in our musics then we'd probably wouldn't have much more than Gregorian Chants to listen to.



  2. Well said..........thanx for all this indo-jazz stuff !

    Greetings from Italy

  3. Wow I never came across this one. As a big fan of Indo Jazz fusions I thought I know all of Mayer's output. Thanks for this rarety!