Wednesday, May 9, 2018

John Lee & Gerry Brown - 1979 - Chasers

John Lee & Gerry Brown 

01. Chaser 5:59
02. Will It Last? 4:43
03. Fate Ripper 4:33
04. Daily Planets 3:52
05. Celebration 4:43
06. What It If 4:37
07. New Waves 4:16
08. Prospect Park 4:54

Guitar – Eef Albers
Piano, Synthesizer – Kenneth Knudsen
Bass, Percussion – John Lee
Drums, Percussion – Gerry Brown
Tenor Saxophone – Bobby Malach

This is one of my favorites of all time. The mood this recording sets is simply timeless. Not everyone is a fusion fan but if are you will be transported to a special place when listening to this recording. The rhythms and bass lines are supported by a stellar cast that will move you through the streets of the city. After a round or two at your favorite village pub and favorite club circa '79 you head over to Brooklyn to hang with the boys. There are some really happy times and some uncertain like the late night walk through Prospect Park talking about the meaning of life. Well that is just some imagery I think of when I hear this recording that is way beyond due for an official CD release. Fate Ripper has in my honest opinion one of the best opening bass solos of all time. The timing and structure of the crunchy bass chords strumming to climatic finish just in time to have the dual guitars of Eef Albers and Darryl Thompson blow your mind. I really hope this gets released officially so I can buy 100 copies and give them away to people I know appreciate awesome music.



  2. Great album, love it. Reminds me of the bunch of veraBra CDs I picked up in the 80s. If you didn't recognise the names of the musicians, the cover might confuse you into thinking this is some good-time country music album, when it's top class jazz fusion.
    Much less challenging than the avant jazz you have been posting, but much easier to enjoy.

  3. veraBra... wasnt that the German label that released a bunch of Lounge Lizards. Vollenweider and a favorite of mine Barbara Thompson?

  4. Yep, that's the one, veraBra also have good CDs from Torsten Van Winkel, Helmut Hattler, Don Grolnick, Shlomo Bat-Ain, Das Pferd and even Bob Malach (Mood Swing vBr 2045) who appears on Chaser (but this is one of the few I don't have). I picked up a copy of a compilation "Retrospective 80-90" at a sale for a few dollars and have been collecting them ever since. If you are not familiar with all the artists on this compil I can send you a copy.

    1. I know some of what is on that album... Barbara Thompson, Janne Schaffer, Lounge Lizzards,,, some are totally unknown to me, I would surely appreciate a copy!