Sunday, May 13, 2018

Irène Schweizer Trio - 1978 - Early Tapes

Irène Schweizer Trio
Early Tapes

01. Dollar's Mood 6:58
02. Attack 5:20
03. Pre Beat Conception 6:50
04. Don't Worry About 5:20
05. Hinten 4:29
06. Stop Twice 3:20
07. Sounds 6:44

Recorded January 26th, 1967, Munich.

Bass – Uli Trepte
Drums – Mani Neumeier
Piano – Irène Schweizer

"Early Tapes" form the Rosetta Stone of pianist Irene Schweizer's music. This early trio - featuring Guru Guru's monster drummer Mani Neumeier - offers clear glimpses of her formative influences as well as her own individualistic approach to the keyboard. Echoes of Dollar Brand, Cecil Taylor, and Paul Bley can be heard, but in a context that's all Schweizer.

"Schweizer’s Early Tapes clearly reveals her roots in such players as Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley and Dollar Brand. She has forged a muscular, diverse, creative and technically excellent style that is truly her own." - Milo Fine, Sweet Potato 

"Early Tapes unveils the semi-free music of her 1967 trio with bassist Uli Trepte and drummer Mani Neumeier. The first track, “Dollar’s Mood”, makes clear her indebtedness to Mr. Ibrahim." - Free Jazz and Free Improvisation

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