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Circle - 1971 - Circle 1 Live In German Concert

Circle 1 Live In German Concert

01. Medley: Toy Room / O And A 28:02
02. There Is No Greater Love 21:06

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion – Anthony Braxton
Bass, Cello – Dave Holland
Drums, Percussion – Barry Altschul
Piano – Chick Corea

Recorded November 28, 1970 in Germany

Pianist Chick Corea and saxophonist Anthony Braxton were not destined to be creative partners for long. But the year these virtuosos spent in the free-jazz supergroup Circle proved to be a notable one. By 1970, Corea was a master of high-energy, abstract playing, thanks to his tenure in a particularly wild edition of Miles Davis’ group. And Braxton’s work alongside fellow Chicagoans like Wadada Leo Smith had already put a charge into progressive improvisers on multiple continents—though Braxton was also down in the mouth over the long odds he faced in getting his ambitious classical pieces heard in New York and Paris. On the night he met Corea, Braxton considered himself more of a chess-game hustler than a working musician.

The origin story goes that Braxton was prodded into a one-off gig by some longtime associates. After the concert, drummer Jack DeJohnette led the crew over to the Village Vanguard, where Corea was playing in a trio with drummer Barry Altschul and bassist Dave Holland (another Davis veteran, as was DeJohnette). Braxton sat in with Corea’s group, and when the night came to an end, the pianist gave Braxton his address and asked him over to jam. Six months later, CBS Records was taping a show by Corea, Braxton, Holland, and Altschul—a quartet going by the name Circle.

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