Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Cecil Taylor Quintet - 1959 - Hard Driving Jazz

The Cecil Taylor Quintet 
Hard Driving Jazz 

01. Double Clutching 8:17
02. Like Someone In Love 8:07
03. Shifting Down 10:37
04. Just Friends 6:13

Bass – Chuck Israels
Drums – Louis Hayes
Piano – Cecil Taylor
Tenor Saxophone – Blue Train (John Coltrane)
Trumpet – Kenny Dorham

Recorded in New York City on October 13, 1958.

What bugs me most is that this record's reissues are mostly released under Coltrane's name. Obviously for comercial reasons they chose to released it under the bigger name of Coltrane rather than under Taylor's name.
This was a tense recording session with musicans with quite different approaches of modern jazz. Sometimes it works at others it fails, but it's always interesting to listen to. I'm glad the basic rhythm section (without Taylor) plays it pretty straight, it somehow keeps things together. It's true that Kenny Dorham (whom i adore) seems at times to be out of the places he likes to be, at others he does pretty well. It's amazing (for example on the following solis of the horns on 'Like Someone in Love') that Cecil Taylor's playing with his rhythmic and harmonic unexpected changes sound often really great behind Coltrane where he sounds like an elephant in a piano shop when he plays to Dorham's solis. All in all it didn't always work to the best of the musican's interest, but has other marvelous sequences (Taylor's solo on 'Double Clutching' for example). It's worth a try at the very least.