Friday, March 2, 2018

You - 1983 - Time Code

Time Code

01. Time Code 3:15
02. Future/Past 5:31
03. 20/11/28 6:22
04. Deep Range 3:09
05. Taurus-Fantasia 2:32
06. Metallique 3:39
07. Live Line 9:02
08. Bluewater Dream 2:10
09. Mission: Possible 5:22

- Albin Meskes & Udo Hanten / synth & electronics

Recorded during 1982 at the YOU-Studios.
Mixed February 1983 at MTK with Bardo Kox.

Instrumentation: Memorymoog, Prophet-5, Prophet-10, Spacemaster Modular System, Minimoog, Micromoog, Moog Model 15, Novatron 400 SM, ARP Sequencer, Spacemaster Digital Sequencer and Digital Event Generator, SRV 66 Vocoder

"Time Code" is the second album by YOU and the probably their best. As an electronic German band born in the late 70's, they were much influenced by their elders. Recorded in 1982, released in 1983, the material is the lines of what TANGERINE DREAM was doing at this period with Johannes Schmoelling. Yet, the music is slightly more melodic, with a touch of KRAFTWERK-ian synthetic rhythms.
YOU's various influences are clearly exposed in the first half of the album. The first two tracks, "Time Code" and "Future/Past" are rather robotic and cold (special mention for the dreamy ending of this song), with patterns in the vein of KRAFTWERK's "Showroom Dummies". "20/11/28" and "Deep Range", are cosmic and meditative, whereas "Taurus-Fantasia" sounds like an old-fashioned oriental electronic sound. The second half of the disc oscillates between calm passages and fast sequencer-driven moments. The highlight here is undoubtedly the mini-epic "Live Line", where the duo fully demonstrates its talent and variety. The record ends with "Zone Black", ambient and mysterious.

In conclusion, YOU offers with "Time Code" enjoyable quality tunes in the direct legacy of the Berlin school. Nothing revolutionary, but a very good acquisition for 70's sequenced electronic music lovers!

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